Most everyone appreciates a beautiful smile, whether it’s your own or one that belongs to someone you love. To keep your teeth and gums not only looking good but feeling their best, it’s important to practice routine oral hygiene habits. And, keeping up with best dental practices can give you more than simply the perfect smile.

Three Steps Toward The Perfect Smile and How to Make It Last For Awhile

When you hear someone say “I want the perfect smile,” what comes to mind? For many, a perfect smile means straight, whiter, and/or brighter teeth. While these factors certainly do contribute to an attractive, aesthetically-pleasing smile, what about the health integrity of your smile?

There are many orthodontic, cosmetic, and restorative dental options to remedy the appearance of damaged teeth, but there are also simple preventative measures that can be done to help achieve and maintain the perfect smile in both appearance and health. At Hospital Dental Group (HDG) we’re dedicated to ensuring that our patients are provided with the most up-to-date oral hygiene tips—like the following three steps:

  1. Brush Twice Daily for Two Minutes

The-Perfect-SmileThey say that good things come in twos, and in the case of brushing teeth, it’s true! The latest home-oral health recommendations of the ADA suggest brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste for two minutes to reduce plaque and keep teeth and gums healthy.

  1. Clean In-Between Teeth

Interdental cleaning has become a preferred reference to cleaning in-between teeth rather than “flossing.” This is in part, according to the ADA, because dental patients have negative associations with the term flossing, may not know the proper way to floss, or may not include alternate cleaning options like interdental-brushes.

  1. Eat a Balanced Diet

Studies have and continue to reflect that sugar can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease. A balanced diet consisting of protein, whole grains, and vegetables with limited sugar intake will help protect teeth and gums from bacteria-producing acid from sugar that create cavities.

More Ways to Keep and Strive for a Happy and Healthy Smile?

It’ recommended that you maintain regular dental checkups and cleanings. It’s also helpful to establish a dental home where your dentist can get to know you and your entire smile history. Dr. Anatoliy Ravin gets to know all his patients and help to find individualized solutions for each person to achieve his/her perfect smile, and it shows in our HDG perfect smile teeth reviews.

There is also some evidence that antimicrobial active ingredients in mouthwashes and essential oils can help reduce the risk of gingivitis and fluoride mouthwashes can be beneficial in preventing tooth decay.

Did you know that by working toward your perfect smile, you’re also investing in your overall health? Having the perfect smile can help you feel more confident, give you the peace of mind knowing that you’re caring for the wellness of more than simply your teeth and gums, lift your mood and the spirit of others, and more.
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