The Holidays are finally here! For a lot of us this means traveling, family, giant dinners, and lots of presents. One thing you can’t forget in the midst of all of this hubbub and excitement is, of course, your teeth. Studies show that even though the vast majority of people own a toothbrush and toothpaste, at least 15% of travelers this holiday will forget theirs behind (and subsequently have to buy new ones when they arrive at their destination). Don’t be one of those people! But a toothbrush and toothpaste aren’t the only things you should be packing as you travel this year. Go ahead and use the following checklist to make sure you’re ready for the travels ahead!

3D box Toothbrush Travel Container

You know those $5 travel containers you see in every corner store in the world? That’s what we’re talking about, and they’re actually pretty useful. One of the biggest hygiene concerns orally when traveling is that your toothbrush coming in contact with the inside of your suitcase and all of its contents. Trust us, this is a great investment.

3D box Travel Sized Toothbrush and Toothpaste

They’re small and adorable, but also highly efficient. Their size makes them easier to pack and store, they’re cheaper than their larger alternatives, and are TSA approved meaning that your toothpaste can travel with you (instead of getting thrown away by the TSA agents!).

3D box Sugar Free Gum

This is always a good thing to have on you, but especially when traveling. Just pop a strip of sugar free gum after meals and enjoy some refreshing minty flavor and a cleaner mouth. As a bonus the gum will help with popping your ears on a flight!

3D box Sandwhich or freezer baggies

Normally these are used for food, but when traveling they can serve as containment from awful leaks inside a suitcase. Have you ever opened your suitcase to find a concoction of spilled shampoo, body wash, conditioner, and toothpaste? If you haven’t then you’re lucky, because that does not clean up easily and you probably had to buy a new outfit anyway. Use these baggies to hold (separately) your toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, ect. and make sure any spills that occur don’t make it outside of their small enclosed bubbles.

3D box Parafin Wax

Okay so this one is more of a “worrying mother” type of travel gear, but it can be useful! On the off chance that you chip a tooth while on vacation parafin wax can be placed over the remaining jagged edge of the tooth to protect the rest of your mouth from cuts. Just make sure you get that fixed ASAP!

3D box Floss

If you’re not currently flossing then you need to start. If you are currently flossing, don’t forget to place it inside your suitcase before leaving.

Wrap up

That right there is a good checklist for traveling. Just add all the items into your own personal list, or print out this blog and have it on hand when you head out to pack for your trip. If you have any other questions about this or dentistry or maybe just want to tell us where you’re vacationing to this year, reach out to us online at Happy holidays and safe travels!