The New Year is almost here! With the mad dashes through malls and online shopping (hopefully behind us it’s time to look forward to the new year and on into the future. We have this funny little tradition of making “New Years Resolutions” that most people have given up on ever completing, but there’s no reason not to! A new year is the perfect time to look forward to bettering yourself and improving your overall health.

Not sure what New Years Resolutions you should make? Well maybe we can help! Below we’ve compiled a list of our top New Years Resolutions that will not only help your teeth, but affect the rest of your bodily health as well.

Brush Twice a Day
This is an easy one. Put this on your list for free points.

Floss Once a Day
Flossing is important! It gets the plaque that toothbrushes can’t both under and in-between your teeth, so make sure you add this to the list!

Cut back on / Eliminate Soda
Soda is one of the worst things you can do to your teeth. The high acidity and sugar content make this a tooth’s worst nightmare. Try drinking water with your meals instead.

Cut Back on Alcohol
Not only will this increase your overall health, but it lowers the risk for certain oral cancers as well.

Stop Smoking and Using Other Tobacco Products
Smoking is one of the most harmful thing you can do to your mouth. Smoking discolors teeth, causes cavities, gum recession, gingivitis, and cancers of the throat, mouth, and lungs. On top of all this, if you smoke you are twice as likely to lose your teeth as non-smokers. The good news is that by stopping now you can stop the rate of progression of the damage caused by smoking or using smokeless tobacco (which is just as harmful for your mouth)

See Your Dentist Every 6 Months
So you don’t like people poking around in your mouth with little mirrors, probes, hooks, or any of it. We get that. Fact of the matter is even some dentists don’t like going to the dentist! We do it religiously every 6 months however because we know how important it is to our overall oral health which is directly tied to our overall health. So twice this upcoming year make a point to see your dentist, and if you don’t have one then click our link down at the bottom to check out our website!

Be Awesome – Smile
Go somewhere this year. Travel to a new country, eat some new food, try a new activity, pick up a new hobby, but mostly importantly make yourself happy and be awesome while doing it. Life is full of things you’ve never experienced, so get out there and do it. You’re going to have a newer, brighter smile if you follow our resolutions (and perhaps the rest of our blogs) so go show it off somewhere new this year!

Wrap up

This year will be a great year if you make it one. Through life’s up and downs you can guarantee that your smile will be there and be bright this year if you take care of it. Have any more resolutions you’re making? We’d love to hear it! Post your resolution on our Facebook by clicking here! Happy Holidays!


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