4 Quick Tips for Fresh Breath

If you have a group situation looming (or you expect to be kissing someone) you want to make sure nice fresh breath is at the ready. No one likes being greeted with bad breath, so make sure you follow these super simple tips to making sure your breath is fresh (maybe even minty fresh) all day long!

Dry Mouth and You

Xerostomia. While you try to pronounce that we’ll tell you a little bit about this condition that plagues many people. The street name for this disease is “dry mouth” (much less scary sounding, right?) and it’s symptoms include a persistently dry feeling mouth. Dry mouth is  caused by a variety of external stimuli such as smoking, alcohol or drug use, or dehydrations, but can also be a symptom or side effect of diseases, treatments and medications.

Gluten Free Toothpaste and You

Gluten Free. For those with Celiac Disease, it’s a way of life thrust upon them. For others, it’s the latest diet trend to follow. Whether or not it’s an effective diet isn’t the point of this blog, however, what we’re talking about today is gluten free toothpaste. Does it matter to anyone without celiac disease and how important it is to those with it? Let’s find out!