Staining of the teeth is a natural process that happens over time. The things we eat, our lifestyle habits, and sometimes dental trauma can cause our teeth to lose their luster and shine. Now, thanks to the innovation and advanced techniques in teeth whitening, options such as Ultradent Teeth Whitening can be performed during a dental visit resulting in bright, white, luminous teeth.

Ready For Pearly Bright Whites? It’s Time for Ultradent Teeth Whitening!

In the pursuit of pearly whites, there is no shortage of DIY and over-the-counter teeth whitening remedies. One popular, rising trend is whitening teeth with activated charcoal. You may have seen posts on social media with friends donning blackened teeth, claiming the unsightly coating leads to shining white teeth. According to a recent edition of Journal of the American Dental Association, there is no actual evidence to support that charcoal-oriented teeth products are effective in whitening teeth.

In fact, applying any abrasive type of product intended to whiten teeth can damage tooth enamel, as will other approaches that include anything acidic (lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, etc..)

With so many supposed whitening options, however, is it really necessary to get your teeth whitened by a professional? Shall we borrow an analogy from another profession? Think about doing your own hair, versus having it professionally colored or cut. While some individuals may get by with a decent “do” from their own store-bought kit or scissors, a professional application typically results in a better outcome.

Teeth, much like hair, vary from person to person. Not everyone is going to get the look they want from an OTC whitening option. The benefit of consulting with a dentist specializing in teeth whitening is his/her knowledge and expertise of being able to identify exactly what type of teeth whitening process will work best for your individual needs.

With the right, individualized teeth whitening process, your teeth will:

  • Appear several shades lighter
  • Boost confidence in a new, radiant smile
  • Be brightened from the comfort of your own home
  • Experience lasting results

Here at Hospital Dental Group, for example, our dentists are proud to offer a safe, effective, and reliable whitening system that won’t dehydrate your teeth: Ultradent Teeth Whitening. Ultradent Boost is a take-home treatment with customized trays made for you in our office.

Once your trays are ready to go, Dr. Ravin will send you home with a conditioning treatment to be used nightly. Once the in-home treatment is finished you will come into the office where a power bleaching takes place. The at-home trays you receive can be used for touch-ups and maintenance at home, and we’ll be more than happy to provide touch-ups during your hygiene checkups.

How Long does it Take?

We know you’re busy, and that’s why we use this system. In just a few short weeks you will have a smile that’s up to eight shades brighter. That’s it! just a few short weeks and your teeth will be as pristine and white as you’ve always hoped they could be. When properly cared for they will even stay that way for up to five years!

Do You Qualify?

Although most everyone qualifies for teeth whitening, it’s always best to consult with your dentist to make sure Ultradent teeth whitening is suited for you. Some patients with tooth sensitivity, gingival inflammation, tooth-colored restorations, or who may be very young may need to seek alternative treatment.

If you’d like to find out if you’re a candidate for Ultradent Teeth Whitening or have any questions

regarding the teeth whitening process, call us today 860-524-5194.