save-money-on-dental-from-blogWhat is Whitening?

Whitening are two different methods that arrive at the same goal; whiter teeth. Unfortunately, dulling and staining of the teeth is a natural process that happens with age. The things we eat, our lifestyle habits, and sometimes dental trauma can all cause our teeth to lose their luster and shine. Thankfully, we don’t have to live with the damaging effects age has on our smiles.

How can I Whiten My Teeth?

There are a bunch of over the counter whitening products out there that all promise to give top notch results to everyone. What they don’t account for is the fact that everyone’s smile is different and unique to them and needs a personal touch to get the results desired. Our dentists are proud to offer the treatments we have because we know that you won’t be disappointed by them.

Our dentists are proud to offer an effective and reliable whitening system that won’t dehydrate your teeth: Ultradent Boost teeth whitening. Ultradent Boost is a take-home treatment with customized trays made for you in our office.

Your whitening begins at home with a conditioning treatment used nightly with a bleaching tray. Once the in-home treatment is finished you will come into the office where a power bleaching takes place. For a video of this power bleaching head over to our services page by clicking here. The at home trays you get can be used for touch ups and maintenance at home, and we’ll be more than happy to provide touch ups during your hygiene checkups

How Long does it Take?

We know you’re busy, and that’s why we use this system. In just a few short weeks you will have a smile that’s up to 8 shades brighter. That’s it! just a few short weeks and your teeth will be as pristine and white as you’ve always known they could be. when properly cared for they will even stay that way for up to 5 years! Imagine it, just a few weeks for years of return!

Wrap Up

Whiter teeth are in your future, can you feel it? To book an appointment and learn if this treatment is right for you, click here now! Thanks for reading!