With Mother’s Day swiftly approaching, we decided to write a blog about you, mothers. We know that motherhood is a tough job, with carpools, play dates, errands, having a job, it’s packed full! So to you mom’s we present 3 quick ways to keep you AND your children’s teeth nice and clean every day!


Okay mom’s it’s early morning and you have to get ready for work, prepare breakfast for the kid(s), make sure they’re dressed and ready for school, and on and on and on until a few hours has gone by in what felt like mere minutes and you realize you forgot to brush your teeth! Here are three quick tips for you to keep your teeth white and healthy during those crazy days!


  1. Stock up on Water – Make sure you always have a pitcher of water in the fridge and get a water bottle to bring with you when you’re out. This way you always have something handy to quench your thirst and rinse your mouth if you should happen upon any sweets or gummy foods throughout the day. Hydration is also important for keeping the bacteria in your mouth at just the right level
  2. Keep a Backup Kit on you – You know those travel size toothbrushes and bottles of toothpaste? Next time you’re out, try to buy one and simply leave it in your purse, on your desk, in your glove box, or anywhere convenient for you to grab at a moments notice. You never know when you’ll need them!
  3. Buy Healthy Snacks – Everyone get’s the munchies during the day. The worst thing you can do when this happens is finding yourself with nothing in reach but a vending machine full of chocolate every day when that moment comes. Buy fresh fruits, nonperishable snacks like nuts, pretzels or popcorn, and protein bars. Anything low in sugar and high in protein!


After the hectic morning, you had you realize that at least one of the kids hasn’t brushed their teeth! Well, it’s a good thing you followed the tips listed below and were able to sort that out!

  1. Always Pack the Kids with Water – Whether you get them their own water bottle or just supply them with a fresh Poland spring every day make sure they keep hydrated!
  2. Remember that Backup Kit? – It wasn’t just for you! We recommend having one in easy reach for your kid(s) as well! Try to convince them to keep a small travel pack on them as well (in a purse or backpack) so that they can take care of themselves should a dental emergency occur!
  3. Pack them Healthy Food – If they take food from home, make sure that it’s healthy for them. Fresh fruits and vegetables might not be the most appealing thing to a kid, but the importance of a healthy diet is too important not to instill it young and often!

Wrap Up

Funny how those lists seemed so similar right? Well, that wasn’t an accident! The best way to make sure your kids have a good grip on oral hygiene is to be the example for your kid to emulate and help them to form their own habits. If you’ve liked this blog feel free to check out the rest of them here on our blog, or head over to the main Hospital Dental Group website and reach out to us with any questions or to make an appointment. thanks for reading!