It’s that time of year again, and whether you’re a “forever bridesmaid” again or coming up to your own wedding it’s important to have a nice, white smile for those hundred of photo that are coming your way! With a camera around every corner, it’s important to have white teeth that stay white no matter the situation.

Step 1 – Brighten up That Smile

If you’re looking to have a great smile, it starts with discipline in your oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing every day maintains a white healthy set of teeth. If course if you need a quick fix then Hospital Dental Group offers whitening sessions in-house that can get your teeth pearly and white fast.


Step 2 – Makeup

From your lipstick to your blush there are some ways to accentuate your white teeth, on the flip side there are ways that will actually hinder your attempts to make them whiter. Try to go with a bright red, cherry red, rosy pink, or bright berry lipstick, and a subtle but red or skin toned blush. Any blues undertones can actually bring out the yellow on your teeth. Bronzer can also help your teeth appear brighter

Step 3 – Wipe Those Stains Away

Teeth love stains. Sometimes it seems like they go out of their way to get stained and show that stain off in pictures. Luckily most thing that cause stains at a wedding (red wine anyone?) can simply be brushed off with a damp napkin.

Step 4 – Practice

Hate the way you look in pictures? Give it some practice in a mirror before an event and feel the way you want your face arranged. Does this sound awkward? Yes, it does. Luckily mirrors are hidden away in bathrooms which will give you plenty of time to practice. No need to feel ashamed, you’re not the only one doing it!

Step 5 – Relax and Look Great!

Get out there and have a great time this summer. Enjoy yourself and your friends and relax when the camera comes around. Weddings are happy, so be happy, smile, and get some great new profile pictures!

Wrap Up

We hope everyone has a safe and happy wedding season this year. If you need a quick whitening or general dentistry stop by today and request an appointment to learn more!