As May comes to a close it’s best we highlight that May was National Physical Spots Month. Something not very talked about but still important for us! Being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and helps in every area of life! Today though, we want to focus on the risks of sports-related injuries. It’s been reported that 13-39% (yes that’s a broad statistic, sorry) of all dental injuries are sports related. I think we can all imagine why, but here are three important facts about sports related injuries that can help knock that number down a few pegs (and hopefully make it much less of a spread!).


  1. Did you know that teens and preteens have the highest rate of sports-related dental injuries? Now we all know kids are a pretty big magnet for accidents and injuries so this might not be that big of a surprise. The top 3 dental injuries related to sports come from basketball, biking, and hockey. That’s right, not football, or baseball, but basketball, biking, and hockey. How did they edge out the competition? Simple, higher risk of contact with lower protective standards. Hockey does well for protection but in basketball there are very little protective garments that are worn and most kids on a bike will have only a helmet which doesn’t help much for the mouth.
  2. Wearing a mouth guard can dramatically cut injury rates across all sports, up to 60x. That’s right, not 60% but SIXTY TIMES. What more can we say here besides always wear a mouth guard when playing sports
  3. Wearing the right mouth guard helps injury rates even higher. The numbers aren’t in on this, but anecdotally we can tell you that a custom fit mouthguard is more effective than an off the shelf model for a few reasons. First it doesn’t allow for any weird spacing, gaps, or other defects in its protective ability. Secondly they’re much more comfortable by virtue of being designed to fit only your mouth.

Wrap Up

Be smart, guard up! If you need a consultation about custom mouthguards or have a sports-related emergency then head over to our contact page at and reach out to us today! Our office staff is always standing by and we’re here to help you. thanks for reading!