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When it comes to kids, there are a number of things that they just flat out refuse to do. Eat Veggies, not scream in public, go to bed on time, and of course, brush their teeth. We understand the struggle, and while we can’t make your kids eat veggies or go to bed on time, we can definitely give you some advice to get them brushing their teeth!


1) Teach Them the Benefits

Kids might not understand why they’re forced to go to the bathroom and brush their teeth every morning and night. Explain it to them in a kid-friendly way if possible. Tell them a story about plaque monsters, or the “Cavity King” who wants to ruin the teeth of children who don’t brush! Or you could tell them the heroic tales of the knight “Sir Cole Gates” as he fought back those seeking to harm the Hygenia. Kids love to imagine so let them go wild with it!

2) Get Them “Fun” Tools

Okay, we won’t sugarcoat it— having a toothbrush that sings and lights up is probably going to be annoying. Luckily kids love the flashing lights and singing “Let it Go” while brushing their teeth. This gives your kids something to look forward to when it’s time to brush their teeth, and while it may be a little irritating, it’s a small price to pay for good dental habits!

3) Use Real World Examples

“Brush in circles like a choo-choo train’s wheels.” “Hold the brush like you’re blowing bubbles.” “Sing the alphabet twice then you’re done!”

All good examples of getting kids to brush the right way. Teach them how to hold their brushes and brush in nice tight circles, or going up and down. Make sure they know never to brush back and forth!

4) Let Them Take Over

Kids love being able to do their own thing. Let them pick out their toothbrush and toothpaste and show them how to do it without assuming control unless they really need help.

5) Reward Them for Doing Well

We make a big deal about everything a kid does when they’re growing up. Toilet training, losing their baby teeth, tying their shoes for the first time— but when it comes to brushing their teeth it’s something that’s not celebrated like it should be. Let them know they did a great job and you’re proud of them!

6) Find a Child-Friendly Dentist

Why not consider Hospital Dental Group? You want your children to have a great experience and learn that the dentist isn’t scary. Make sure your dental provider has an experienced team member that works with kids often!

Wrap Up

Kids are great. They give us joy and meaning but sometimes they need an extra little nudge. If you looking for a local dentist head over to our website at and reach out to us today. We have a state of the art facility that makes a trip to the dentist fun for all ages!