In a world of flavored toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, and breath mints it seems like the world is trying to get at something. If we had to guess, that something would be “Bad breath stinks!” Unfortunately, all of the aforementioned solutions to bad breath target symptoms, not causes. Let’s take a look at what causes bad breath, and how we might stop them!


1) Dry mouth

This is something we’ve spoken of in several blogs, such as this one specifically about dry mouth! whether your dry mouth is a byproduct of poor genes (sorry) or dehydration the problem is the same. Inhibited saliva production causes an increase in bacteria forming and giving off a type of sulphuric gas that smells, well, quite awful! There is quite a lot behind dry mouth so make sure you read our other blog where we detail all the root causes and give you possible solutions! That’s the last time we won’t give you a straight answer in this blog, we promise.

2) Cavities

The childhood enemy of every person is back, but this time with a different sort of vengeance. Cavities not only destroy teeth, but the bacteria that causes them also produce something quite odoriferous. Even a tiny bit of decay can cause this smell. As with every time, we bring forward some of the same suggestions. Brush your teeth, floss, stop eating ALL the candy, and drink more water. Easy Peasy right?

3) General Poor Oral Hygiene

Piggy Backing off number 2, if you have poor oral hygiene habits you’ll have dry mouth and cavities! Remember kids, brush twice and floss once daily. Not much more we can say here!

4) Poor Diet

that’s right, the things you put into your body affect you! Now this is NOT to say that all good and healthy foods equal good breath because there are certainly some that have the opposite effect! (Garlic breath anyone?) But it you’re eating a consistently poor diet lacking in a balanced amount of nutrients and not hydrating properly your mouth WILL begin to take notice. So stop sucking down the cokes and pick up a water bottle!

5) Dentures

Dentures need to be cleaned regularly since they are regularly placed into and removed from the mouth and this allows for bacteria to grow and evolve and create colonies with independent city states, etc. Well maybe it’s not that bad but you understand! Dentures need to be cleaned as regularly as normal teeth and cleaned in solution at the most weekly. Treat them like your teeth!

6) Disease

Unfortunately, there are illnesses that can induce bad breath. From stomach ailments to the flu to respiratory infections, a nasty illness can give you some nasty breath. Consult your doctor and carry around some gum until you get your health back. Don’t worry, no one will judge your breath if they know you have a liver disease.

Wrap Up

Bad breath isn’t fun, but it doesn’t have to be lived with! Make sure you reach out to us if on the appointment for on the right if you need an appointment and talk to us today!