The fast-paced teen lifestyle that has been adopted into modern culture may be contributing to a lower overall oral hygiene than we have ever seen before. From to-go bars, soft drinks, and the fast food revolution, teens are at higher risk than ever of needing  massive amounts of oral care, and in some cases oral surgery.

Jane Soxman, DDS, produced the study that appeared in January – February edition of General Dentistry and had this to say. “Premature loss of tooth enamel and weakening of overall tooth structure are two devastating oral effects of teens’ poor diet that cannot be reversed later in life”.


What Are the Main Offenders?


When it comes to an unhealthy lifestyle and growth inhibition, there is one main offender we all know and love (and hate), soda. Let’s talk about that first then get to some lesser known evils. The first major offense when it comes to an increase in soda is that there is a marked difference in calcium intake when soft drinks are involved. Maybe your teens are more balanced, in fact, 19% girls ages 9-19 get the recommended daily intake of calcium a day but that’s it. that means 81% of these girls aren’t getting enough calcium in their diet, and there’s a 4 in 5 chance that your daughter is one of them.

Now we’re not just here to cry foul over soda, we get why people like it. It’s fizzy and delicious and surprisingly refreshing, but moderation has been and always will be the name of the game. The best way to help your teens is to show them the benefits of a moderated lifestyle and make sure you don’t stock your home with junk!

Sugar, Preservatives, and a Whole Mess of New Problems

In this day and age, convenience is king and it dictates a lot of how we order our lives. To this end, food and drinks that are convenient that are becoming the most popular choices, especially for teenagers. The problem with this is that the teenage years are pivotal to bone growth and oral health. This time in their life is so important to maintaining a healthy life, and solidifying good habits in their life.

What Can I Do?

Make a healthy lifestyle a part of the home experience for your children. Let them know why eating healthy is important, but don’t completely withhold the junk food. If once a week your kids have soda with a meal, or you bake a big batch of cookies for them to enjoy their teeth won’t fall right out of their head, but make sure to impress upon them that this is a “treat”.

Wrap Up

Don’t let your kids grow up and have weak teeth! Trust us, they’ll appreciate it in the long run, even though that start off shoving the greens away from their mouths. If you have any more questions or are looking for a local dentist in the Hartford CT. area, make sure you fill out the form on the right and make an appointment with us today!