Why Are My Baby’s Teeth Discolored?

Teething. You might know it as that time in your infant’s life where they constantly cry in pain and chew on anything they can mash into their mouths. Of course teeth emerging means more than just weeping and gnashing of teeth, it means your have another thing to include in your regiment of child-rearing; brushing your child’s teeth.

chocking teen trend: DIY braces

You Won’t Believe This New Trend That’s Ruining Teen’s Teeth

A bizarre new online trend has begun rising that’s giving parents a reason to be wary; DIY braces. When you say it out loud you probably think “How could that ever go right?”. The answer is a little complicated, because the most notable example of this practice was, in fact, a success. This success is what lent the trends newfound popularity (despite the video originating in 2012) but it’s causing more headaches than solutions to crooked teeth.

Top 4 Habits That Are Hurting Your Teeth

A lot of people out are actually damaging their teeth every day either without knowing or without caring. We’ve compiled the 4 biggest offenders, and while we don’t think any of them will shock you, it’s good to be reminded of them and get into a habit of fixing the issue.