A lot of people out are actually damaging their teeth every day either without knowing or without caring. We’ve compiled the 4 biggest offenders, and while we don’t think any of them will shock you, it’s good to be reminded of them and get into a habit of fixing the issue.

1. Using Your Teeth as a Tool

Teeth are designed to, on the most basic level, tear and chew food. That means that plastic packaging, tags, bags, fabric, and anything else you might need a little extra leverage in ripping should not be occupying your teeth’s time. We don’t think this is a shock for anyone, and we’ve all been in a pinch where we NEED to open up something (maybe a bag of candy?) and we can’t do it with our hands alone.

Solution: Carry a small multi-tool around with you so you always have a real tool at your disposal.


2. Chewing Ice

A lot of people love to chew on ice cubes after finishing their drink. On a warm day, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, and it sure is refreshing. But those frozen little blocks of water can actually cause microfractures on the surface of your teeth, leading to problems down the road. If your tooth is already damaged then this could suddenly and unexpectedly cause a major emergency.

Solution: Switch over to using crushed ice if possible. Most of it will melt before you get a chance to crunch it, and the smaller chunks are more manageable for your teeth if you simply can’t resist the urge.

3. Nail Biting

This is a tough one for a lot of people. Nail biting is a surprisingly weird science, and this 5-minute video by ThinkTank can explain it a lot quicker than we could

So now that we know why people cut their nails, we have to talk about why it’s bad.

Nail biting is both unhygienic and can damage your teeth. The underside of your fingernails is not a nice place, unless your bacteria and dirt. If you are bacteria or dirt, then you’ve found a haven! All of this gunk under your fingernails means that chewing them might not be the most sanitary thing to do. And just like using your teeth as a tool biting your nails can actually damage your teeth, causing microfractures which will become a problem over time.

Solution: There are many different ways out there to help with this, but some of the most effective ways are coating your nails with bitter-tasting (and non-toxic) nail polish, getting a manicure to improve your perceived value of your nails, and even going so far as to wearing gloves so you physically can’t bite your nails.

4. Grinding Your Teeth

If you habitually grind your teeth during the day, or subconsciously grind them during the night, it’s time to have a talk. Bruxism is the act of grinding one’s teeth habitually or involuntarily. Grinding teeth wears down the enamel and can cause stress fractures on the surface of the teeth. It is not an easily cured condition, however, so we offer you what we can to fix it.

Solution: WebMD did a great write-up on tips to help stop bruxism. But if all else fails, see your dentist and get talk through solutions that are right fo you.

Wrap Up

Trust us, kick the habits and your teeth will thank you! If you have any more questions then feel free to contact us in the sidebar, or call the number down at screen. Thanks for reading!