Your Teeth Are NOT Tools

We’ve all had that moment. We have one of those horrible clamshell packages that we need to tear into but no knife or scissors around. Maybe that little plastic bag holding your guitar picks just won’t open, and you need a little extra help. What do you do?

4 Healthy Candy Alternatives This Halloween

Halloween. A holiday celebrated with spooky, scary skeletons, frightening jack-o-lanterns, and millions of pounds of consumer purchased sugars and sweets. Why not save your kids an extra trip to us and make sure their teeth stay beautiful, healthy, and free from cavities this year? Here are some great alternative to candy, and a handy tip to fight those huge sacks of sweets they are bound to get.

everything you need to know about wisdom teeth

Everything you Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

If there’s one thing that people don’t have a lot of wisdom with when it comes to their teeth… It’s maintaining a regular oral hygiene schedule. Brushing and flossing regularly are the most crucial parts of maintaining proper oral health. What, you thought we would make a predictable wisdom tooth joke? We thought you had more faith in us than that!