We’ve all had that moment. We have one of those horrible clamshell packages that we need to tear into but no knife or scissors around. Maybe that little plastic bag holding your guitar picks just won’t open, and you need a little extra help. What do you do?

For a lot of people, the answer is pretty easy to guess, and unfortunate; their teeth. Let’s make one thing very abundantly clear from the get-go, “Teeth are NOT Tools”. They’re not knives, or scissors, or any amount of leverage tools. You can’t buy one for 29.99 at Home Depot, and if you lose one, then it’s gone. This may sound harsh, but the truth is harsh osmetimes.

The Jimmy Fallon Incident

If you haven’t ever watched The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you’re missing out. The hilarious late night talk show host met with an unfortunate injury that almost required the amputation of one of his fingers (we’ll spare you the gory details). This left him with too much medication to take and not enough fingers to do the job. He used his teeth to try to open a tube of scar tissue repair cream and chipped his front tooth.

That’s right, the cap on the tube of medication chipped his front tooth pretty significantly. He was brought into the dental office immediately to get it treated. Luckily he’s locked into a six-year contract, so even with all these missed episodes he’ll back and ready for action!

Noticable Wear

Next time you’re with your friends ask them to smile. Look at their teeth (up close and personal, almost creepily so) and try to notice misaligned teeth, worn edges, chips, fractures, or any other imperfections. If you are guilty of opening packages this way, take a few minutes to examine your own chompers and look for similar forms of wear. Over time using your teeth as a tool has been proven to knock teeth out of alignmentm and cause noticable surface wear as well as a weakening of the overall tooth structure.

If you’re opening one of those ungodly clamshell packages, you might also cut your gums by accident. We know a few of you just cringed reading this (and we’re sorry for those reading on their phones in public, you probably got some weird looks), and that’s exactly the reaction we’re looking to get. If you happen to slice your gums, even microabrasions can lead to pretty severe and painful infections.

Wrap Up

Pocket knives are abundant and cheap. $20 will net you a decent little tool that you can keep on your to cut through almost anything in your way. Don’t let your teeth become a tool, or we’ll have to use our tools to fill in where those teeth used to be. If you have any more questions, or even concerns related to this blog, feel free to reach out to us by filling out the form on the right, and for mobile users just click here. Thanks for reading!