In 2014, The tooth fairy left $255 million under pillows and averaged $4.36 per lost tooth, up 25% from $3.50 in 2013, according to a recent survey. Back in 2013 that was because 86% of children who lost teeth got a visit from the magical fairy herself.

The tooth fairy is about more than money though (to parents); it’s about marking a change in your child’s life where they begin to get something that makes them feel “grown up” for the firs time in their lives. With grown up teeth comes a new set of responsibilities, and there is one person you can count on to help you get the message across; The Toothfairy. How? Keep reading to find out!

Introduce Her Early On

Kids will start losing their teeth around age 6, and by that time they should be fully prepared for her visit. Let them know that she only accept healthy teeth not filled with cavities, so if they want a present from the fairy, they need to keep their teeth nice and clean! Teach them young how to brush and floss, and by the time the tooth fairy comes around they will find their diligence rewarded in kind.

Imagine your kids are giving you sass because they don’t want to brush their teeth before going to bed. Let them know the Tooth Fairy might be inclined to leave a much smaller amount of money under their pillows when they finally lose them since they weren’t taken care of.

Leave Encouraging Notes

Have your kids been super diligent with their brushing? Leave them a note from the Tooth Fairy letting them know that she’s noticed, and she thinks that they’re just super! Use these notes to reinforce healthy habits such as brushing and flossing daily, and visiting the dentist every six months. Looking for a place to start with the letters? Try Here!

Give Special Occasion Gifts

Make sure to celebrate special occasions with a special gift. The first and last teeth lost, teeth lost on (or near enough to) holidays and birthdays all make great events to leave a little more under the pillow than normal. This gift doesn’t need to be too fancy (she shouldn’t be giving out PS4’s.) but it should be personal and fun. A new toothbrush that has their favorite cartoon character on it, fun flavored toothpaste or even a book about the Tooth Fairy. We’ve found that the better kids feel about the Tooth Fairy and keeping her happy, the more likely they are to brush and floss regularly, if begrudgingly.

Wrap UP

The Tooth Fairy is an excellent tool that parents have at their disposal. Proper use of her can help instill lifelong oral hygiene habits in your children before they have a chance to do any damage to their “grown up” teeth. Have questions or comments about this blog? Need to get in to see a dentist soon? Simply call today or fill our the sidebar for more information and to get in touch with us!