Water, it’s colorless, flavorless, and if you don’t have enough of it, you die. Not very settling is it? Who wants a best friend like that?

As you know, water is clearly and definitely more. People just don’t give water enough credit nowadays! It’s great when we want the beach, but awful when the snow rolls in. Rainy days are dreary for some and a haven for others, with all these mixed feelings it’s no wonder water takes a back seat to other beverages. Water is more significant that all of these things at a base level, so let’s talk about it

Why Water?

Water is more than “that thing that keeps you alive” and drinking just enough to survive is robbing yourself of some of the significant benefits that water can offer.

Obviously we’re going to focus on what makes water beneficial to your mouth, but you should know it has many other benefits as well. Proper water intake helps your skin look it’s best, helps control calories, gives you energy, helps your kidneys and maintains proper bowel function.

Water and Your Mouth

Water is an easy way to protect your teeth day and night. Most importantly, adequate water intake helps maintain proper moisture levels in your mouth and rinses it.

Having an appropriate standard of moisture in your mouth is important. It contributes to keeping the bacterial levels in there to a minimum. Dry mouths are a breeding ground for all sorts of harmful bacteria, including the ones that produce that sulphuric gas leading to halitosis. That’s right, bad breath and very easily be linked to dehydration, and can often help those suffering from some less than friendly levels of mouth gas.

Water also helps clean your teeth in between brushing. It’s like when you go to the beach and use those outdoor shower stalls to rinse off the sand and salt water. You don’t use soap, but you still get cleaned. Swishing some water in your mouth is like that quick rinse, then that night you get home and use soap (toothpaste) to make sure you get a nice all over clean sensation.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re looking for a quick no-calorie drink, or trying to survive in the desert, water is number one. Got questions? Looking for a Hartford dentist? Fill out the form on the right and learn more about what Hospital Dental Group can offer you!