What to do if Your Child Loses a Tooth at School

Children have a pretty big window when it comes to losing teeth. While most of them will lose their first tooth around 5 or 6, it’s possible that they can lose a tooth as early as 4, or as late as 8. So yes, there’s a 4-year window where that first (potentially traumatic) event. Given that most kids lose their first tooth between the ages 5-6 however, there’s a pretty good chance they can lose the tooth during school hours. So what do you do?

Hartford dentist gums hurt after dental appointment

Why Are My Gums Sore After a Cleaning?

We all know that being poked and prodded for an hour isn’t a fun thing. As dentists, we do all we can to increase the comfort of this experience (and we’ve come a very long way in a short amount of time), but somethings can’t be helped. If you’ve ever walked away from a dental cleaning with sore and tender gums, then you know that it’s not the nicest thing in the world. There IS a practical reason to why your gums are sore after a cleaning, however, and it’s not because we dentists like to make people suffer. Most of the time your bleeding gums mean one thing, someone hasn’t regularly been flossing.