Children have a pretty big window when it comes to losing teeth. While most of them will lose their first tooth around 5 or 6, it’s possible that they can lose a tooth as early as 4, or as late as 8. So yes, there’s a 4-year window where that first (potentially traumatic) event. Given that most kids lose their first tooth between the ages 5-6 however, there’s a pretty good chance they can lose the tooth during school hours. So what do you do?

First, Don’t Worry About it

If it happens, it happens. Teachers are pretty accustomed to this by now, as it happens to them many times each year. The teacher will send your child to the nurses office, where they’ll get a small talk about what losing a tooth means, a toothbrush and probably even a sticker!

Many teachers are awesome and make an event out of lost teeth, taking photos, writing to the tooth fairy and more! Make sure you talk with your child’s teachers to learn what to expect if a tooth is lost on their time!

Make Sure Your Child is Prepared

By this time in their life, your children know that the lost teeth are coming. They’ll have either a wiggly tooth or a friend or two who have lost a tooth. Let them know that if they lose a tooth, they should go to the nearest teacher, supervisor, or authority figure in the school and let them know!

As we mentioned earlier, teachers that work with kids are PROS when it comes to dealing with lost teeth, and they know how to help a child get through it no matter how your child reacts!

It’s possible that they will still be a bit scared or freaked out when it happens (which is normal and totally OKAY), so you should rest assured that your child’s teachers are some of the best people around when it comes to dealing with lost teeth.

When a child lost their tooth, they typically began to freak out a bit. I would calm them down, tell them to hold on tight to their lost tooth and send them to the nurse. The nurse would give them a toothbrush, a necklace for them to put their lost tooth in and send them back to us in the classroom where we would celebrate!

Teacher, Erica Rouleau

Wrap Up

Kids lose teeth; it’s what they do. Teachers help them keep their cool; it’s what they do.

If you have any questions or concerns with your child, feel free to reach out to us during office hours by calling the number above or below, or filling out the form on the right side. Thanks for reading and good luck with the lost teeth!