When you’re a child and a tooth becomes loose, there’s lots of excitement and nervousness that comes with it. You’re going to lose a tooth, and a grown up tooth will take its place! Money is going to appear under your pillow very soon! When you’re an adult, the reaction is a little different.

Losing a tooth as an adult is a much scarier experience. You know that if this tooth falls out, you don’t have another one to replace it like when you were a kid.

What to do With a Loose Tooth

Depending on how your tooth came to be loose there are several treatments available for you. There are three main ways that an adult tooth becomes loose:

  • Injury (a hit to the face or Jaw)
  • Bruxism (or tooth grinding)
  • Gum disease

If you haven’t been hit hard in the face lately, you’ll want to consult with a dentist to figure out why your tooth is loose. Your dentist will give you a few treatment options, such s:

  • Tooth splinting – What happens here, in laymen’s terms, is that your loose tooth is bonded to the neighboring stable tooth until it tightens up in its socket.
  • Mouth Guard – Depending on the catalyst for your condition, a mouthguard can be used for different things. If you’re an active, sporty type, it goes in your mouth on the field/court/rink and hopefully protects you from the various limbs and sports equipment hurled at it. If you suffer from grinding teeth, then you wear it as you sleep at night and prevent yourself from wearing down your enamel and loosening teeth which should otherwise stay put.
  • Deep Cleaning – If you should walk into our office with a gum disease then you would get “the chair treatment.” This means we sit you down and take a look at how serious the infection has become. Since gum diseases create little pockets of bacteria, puss, and infection this can loosen teeth in their sockets. After we clean the gums and get you on some antibiotics, you should notice a tightening of the tooth in its socket as your gums heal.

Since most people have learned to associate a loose tooth with a tooth that’s going to fall out, it’s best to remember that adult teeth are much more proficient at hanging on that baby teeth. Their job is to hang around in your mouth for 60+ years, so they’re kind of good at the whole “not falling out” thing.

Wrap Up

Do you have a loose tooth? Don’t wait to get that checked out! Call us today to fill out the form on the right of this page to get your tooth taken care of today! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time!