Soda, candy, sugary sauces, ice cream. Off the top of our heads, we can all probably list these and more when asked: “what food is bad for your teeth?” Today, this blog isn’t about putting down the KitKat, or drinking water instead of Coke. Today we’re going to talk about the dangers of some things that appear a bit more benign until you think about what they’re made of.

1. White Wine

We all know that red wine is a big culprit of teeth staining, but you’re not off the hook if you drink a white wine either. The tannins and acid in white wine can roughen up the surface of your teeth making them more porous. This allows other, harsher foods and drinks to stain your teeth more easily.

2. Sports Drinks

You might be surprised to know that athletes have some of the most notoriously bad dental records, and it’s not just because they’re always getting their teeth knocked out! Those high sugar sports drinks that they chug on a daily basis can soften the enamel which leads to tooth decay and rot. This allows bacteria to penetrate more quickly their teeth and the acidic chemical reactions that they undergo as they eat the sugars will wear down the teeth from the inside out. This contributes to the high rate of lost teeth due to a weakened root system, the more you know!

3. Cough Syrup

Most cough syrups are high in sucrose, fructose, and citric acids which can encourage bacterial growth in your mouth. Since most people don’t regularly drink cough syrup, the concern comes from drinking it right before bed. Most people will brush their teeth before they drink cough syrup, which is sticky and coats your teeth at night. When taking medicine at night, try to take it before you brush your teeth so you can clean off any syrup left over.

4. Almonds

Nuts are a delicious and nutritious food source; we won’t deny that. Almonds particularly are high in Vitamin E and an excellent snack. Their biggest problem comes with how hard they are. They create a little wedge when biting down that can sometimes cause teeth to chip or crack, especially weak teeth. Consider getting sliced almonds if this makes you nervous!

5. Swimming Pools

Okay, this one clearly isn’t food or drink, but swimming on regularly is known to hurt the teeth of avid swimmers. Those who swim for more than 6 hours a week in chlorinated pools can begin to develop yellow or brown spots on their teeth called “swimmer’s calculus.” Avid swimmers should look to get professional cleanings more regularly, as much as every other month to help protect their teeth. Also wearing an airtight mouthguard is an extremely effective preventative method.

Wrap Up

It seems like the world is just out to get your teeth. Don’t worry, though; Hospital Dental Group is here to see you through it! Don’t be scared by the large amount of things out there that can hurt you, because there are an equally surprising number of things that help your teeth! (that we’ll be looking at soon). Until then, keep yourself knowledgeable and read our blog!