Kids needing braces is nothing new.

Parents are never really surprised when they hear that their kids need braces, but the biggest problems aren’t always the need or the finances, it’s the scheduling. Getting their children in for the screenings, follow-ups, application appointments, and so on can be a significant pain. Not to mention the adjustment period a kid has to go through. So how is anyone expected to get this done?!

We have an easy answer for you; Summer. Summer is the best time to get your kid braces without disrupting the flow of everyday life. “Why”, you ask? Well, that’s easy!


We all know how hard it can be to coordinate a  schedule when we have to worry about school, extra-curricular activities, hang out plans, family events, the list is endless! Summer offers a nice reprieve from the hectic school schedule to plan the three essential visits; The consultation, the installation, and the follow-up. The downtime of summer means you can easily fit three appointments into your busy schedule well before your kid has to head back to school


It takes a while to get used to change in and on our body. Think about that first shower you take after getting a new haircut. Who doesn’t grab the shampoo bottle and squeeze out the same amount of shampoo only to realize that you’ve used WAY too much? Learning to live with any change takes time, so your kid will appreciate not having to get used to having braces while in school. They’ll become comfortable and familiar with the feeling of braces in their mouth, learn to eat properly, get used to not eating certain foods, and be ready to face everything else school has to offer!


Beyond getting used to the “feeling” of braces, and learning how to eat, your kid is going to have to learn how and when to clean their braces. Hint: Kids should clean their braces often! Getting your child a Proxabrush, or “Christmas tree brush” to help clean in between braces more efficiently is a helpful way to encourage cleaning. If your child isn’t on top of

By the time the school year rolls around, your kid should be more comfortable in their braces, and ready for maintaining them even when in school.

Wrap Up

Braces can be a hard thing for kids to get used to, so give them a head start by letting them adjust at their pace. It’ll give them room to grow in their own time while helping you maintain your schedule. Do you or someone you know have someone who needs braces? Call us today at Hospital Dental Group with any questions you might have about braces, dental care, or general oral health. We’re happy to help! Thanks for reading!