Saving Time With A Family Dentist

Don’t let your busy schedule affect your dental health!

The average American family seems to be busy all the time. With both parents working, coordinating schedules seems to be the only way to get the kids and parents across town to the right destination during the week. From basketball practice, soccer practice, dentist appointments, dance class, doctors appointments, and everything in between, wouldn’t it be nice to have the family arrive at an appointment together, instead of in 2 different locations?

It’s one thing when you’re taking kids to individual activities, it’s another thing when it’s a dentist appointment. Wouldn’t it be more convenient for the entire family to be seen by a family dentist?

Convenience of a Family Dentist

The benefits of seeing a family dentist are countless. Below we want to share some essential reasons that families are turning to family dental care for all of their dental needs.

  1. Time Saver: With a family dentist there’s no need to drive all over town for each family member’s specific dental needs! With one phone call, you can schedule an appointment for the entire family. No more driving from one dentist office just to turn around and go to another dentist office. Now you have one that can do it all, and save you time in the process.
  2. A Variety of Dental Services:  Family dentistry is much more than a 6 month check up. In fact, your family dentist offers a variety of services, including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic dentistry, and even dental implants.
  3. For All Ages:  There’s a reason it’s called family dentistry! That’s because family dentistry welcomes the young to the young at heart by making them feel safe, comfortable, and cared for. Having the family together at the dentist can make the youngest family members feel less anxious during their examination. Family dentists understand that small children can be nervous so often parents are invited back to help their child feel safe and relaxed during their examination.
  4. Recognizing Hereditary Dental Issues:  Research has suggested that 30% of the population are predisposed to gum disease.  A family dentist can more easily recognize hereditary dental issues within the family and help provide a prevention plan for the youngest members of the family.
  5. Flexible Hours:  A family dentist understands that flexible and convenient hours is what works best for families with busy schedules. Family dentists tend to stay open later than other dentists, and even offer same day or next day appointments. Have a dental emergency? Family dental practices have a dentist on-call 24/7.

If a family dentist sounds like something your family needs then consider Hospital Dental Group for your family dental care needs.  We provide convenience, care, and comfort to patients of all ages. Call (860)431-0515 to make an appointment today!


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