Best Dentist In Hartford

Get the best dental recommendations from the ones closest to you.

Whether you’ve moved to a new area or you’re just in search for a new dentist, trying to find the 
best dentist in Hartford can be a tough task. How can you determine if a dentist is the right one for you?

When it comes to finding the right dentist for you, take your time, gather information, weigh your options, and then make the best decision for you.

What You Can Do to Find The Best Dentist In Hartford

  • Best Dentist In HartfordAsk your current dentist:  If you’re preparing for a move to a new area a good dentist recommendation might be hard to come by. Your current dentist may know someone in the area you’re moving to or be able to provide you with appropriate resources to find a dentist.
  • Ask family and friends:  If you’re not moving, but you need to find a new dentist that fits your needs, ask your friends and family. The ones closest to us tend to be the best resources. Family and friends understand our likes and dislikes and are able to provide a suggestion that might be suitable to our needs.
  • Ask coworkers: If you’ve moved away from family and friends your best resource could be your co-workers. Ask if they have any recommendations for a local dentist.
  • Ask your insurance provider:  Your insurance company will have a list of dentists that are provided within their network. Contact your insurance company and see if they can provide you with a list of dentist within their network. Some dental insurance companies provide that information on their website.
  • Search online:  Finding a dentist online and their ratings are easier now than ever. The American Dental Association provides a great resource that allows you to search for a dentist in your area.
  • Health Department:  If you’re uninsured you can contact your local health department or a dental school that offers affordable dental care.

Once you’ve received all your recommendations then it’s time to narrow the field and ask some important questions when determining who the best Hartford dentist is for you! An easy way to have some of your questions answered is by visiting their websites or a phone call. Consider these questions:

  • Are their hours convenient for your schedule? What are their hours?
  • Do they accept your dental insurance?
  • How do they handle dental emergencies outside of offices hours?
  • Where did the dentist attend dental school?
  • What areas does the dentist specialize in?
  • How does the dentist approach the necessity of preventative care?
  • Do they provide information about fees and payment plans?

Searching for the best Hartford dentist that meets all your needs can be a difficult task, but at Hospital Dental Group we hope these suggestions will make the task easier.

If you’d like more information about our dentist office contact us today!


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