Improve your oral health with braces!

Did you know that Orthodontics treats more than just crooked teeth?  Orthodontic treatment might set your teeth straight, but it’s the “hidden” benefits of orthodontic care that will change your life.

orthodonticsBefore you discover all the ways orthodontics can change your life let’s first explore the various reasons for Orthodontic treatment.

Here are just a few of the common reasons for orthodontic treatment:

  • Crowding – When there are too many teeth for the jawbone to accommodate
  • Overbite – Commonly referred to as “buck teeth”, this is when the upper front teeth protrude over the lower front teeth.
  • Underbite – This is when the lower front teeth extend out in front of the upper front teeth.
  • Spacing – Gaps or spaces are the result of missing teeth or when teeth are smaller than the available space.
  • Deviated midline – This is when your center or midline of your upper and lower teeth do not align. Your upper and lower teeth midlines should also align with the center of your nose and the midpoint between your eyes.
  • Open Bite – When the back teeth bite down, the upper and lower front teeth do not overlap.
  • Crossbite – One or more upper teeth bite on the inside of the lower teeth.

5 Reasons Why Orthodontics Will Change Your Life

  • Improved Oral Health – Having a “bad” bite can make your oral hygiene routine difficult according to the American Dental Association.  Misaligned bites, crooked teeth, or an overcrowded mouth can become a prime breeding ground for bacteria that can cause tooth decay, periodontal disease, and even tooth loss.  Correcting your bite through orthodontic care can reduce the risk of these issues.
  • Easier Breathing – Believe it or not misaligned bites can make it difficult to breathe causing snoring or sleep apnea. Breathe easier with orthodontic care!
  • Boost Your Confidence – People who are self-conscious about their teeth will tend to hide their smile in public, but with orthodontics treatment, you don’t have to be embarrassed anymore. Once you get your smile straightened out you’ll want to show it off. The reality is when you look good you feel good!
  • Chew Comfortably – If you have a severe overbite or underbite it can interfere with proper chewing, affect your digestion, and cause some discomfort.  Straighten those issues out with braces, and start chewing comfortably.
  • Speak Clearer – An overbite and gaps between the teeth can cause a lisp or a whistle when you talk. Braces can correct the overbite and close the gaps between your teeth correcting your lisp.

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