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At Hospital Dental Group, our goal is to bring you the best dentists in Hartford, Connecticut. That’s why our three resident dentists work so well together – their experiences, skillset, and passion for their profession take the practice to the next level. But if you’re looking for goofy, contagious personalities, look no further than dentist Dr. Antoliy Ravin! Here are some fun things to know about Dr. Ravin, both inside and outside of his practice.

  1. Hartford ConnecticutHe Enjoys the Finer Tastes
    Dr. Ravin is surrounded by Hartford, Connecticut’s bevy of eateries, ranging in fine dining and fast food options. So where does he find himself when he’s eating his favorite foods? “Capital Grille!” he says. “It’s one of my favorite restaurants. But overall, I love it when my food is fresh from the farm. The best place around us is Arethusa Farms and Restaurant. I don’t think I could ever find myself at KFC!”
  1. He Offers Pro-Bono Work for Charities
    While his heart for fast food may not be as large, his love for those in need certainly fills that gap. Dr. Ravin often dedicates his time and services to local charities, like shelters for women and the VA. What’s more, he regularly takes trips abroad to destinations like Jamaica and the Amazon, where he will offer his kindness and skills to underprivileged residents and their children.
  1. He’s a Family Man
    Dr. Ravin’s home life often pours into his work life, but in the best ways possible. “I’m lucky enough to work side-by-side with my wife on a daily basis,” he says. He finds a world of benefits by having the love his life around him, and they are constantly involved as partners in their charitable efforts. “We both know how important it is to receive help when you’re in need. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving back.”
  1. He’s an Intellectual
    If you’re looking for an intelligent dentist with years of experience and accolades in Hartford, CT, look no further than Dr. Ravin. His determination earned him a Fellowship Award In the Academy of General Dentistry in 2013, an accolade distributed to a fraction of the dental population. Additionally, he is the recipient of an entrepreneur’s award, the “40 Under 40 in New England,” where he and 39 other professionals were recognized for their hard work and success.

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