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Spice up your dental care routine with some music!

Your smile is more than just a first impression. Our teeth play an important role in our digestion, our speech, and our overall health. When our smile has been neglected it can have adverse reactions in other areas of our body.  Teaching the value of proper oral health to young children helps them develop healthy dental care habits early on. Parents play an essential role in their kid’s dental health journey, and as a family dentist, we are honored to be a part of that journey. Not only can we able to teach young children about the importance of keeping their smile healthy, but we get to partner with parents in their oral health journey as well.

The Best Family Dentist Collaborates With Parents

Best Family DentistAs a family dentist, we play an active role in the preventative care of all of our patient’s oral health.  The coolest part about our younger patients is that they are eager to learn once you get on their level, and that’s the key! The most effective way to make our younger patients excited about their oral health is by collaborating with their parents and allowing them to be an active participant in their own dental health.

Talking with the parents gives us the cliffsnotes we need before we start their dental exam. This allows us to understand their personality, the best way to interact, and how they may respond to certain situations.  Asking kids to show us their big smile, how they brush their teeth, and what they know about dental health acclimates them to the situation and makes them feel less apprehensive and more comfortable.

Let’s Make Dental Care Fun!

The easiest way we connect with parents is by giving them the helpful tips that can make dental hygiene a fun activity for their kids. This allows me to teach the parents and in turn, they teach their kids healthy habits. Of course the best way that parents teach healthy habits is by doing it themselves and their children will mirror what they do.

If you’re a parent that needs some inspiration consider these fun tips:

  • Let your child pick out the toothbrush.  Toothbrushes have come a long way since we were kids. Have you seen what toothbrushes look like these days? They have your kid’s favorite cartoon character, play music, and light up making brushing teeth a lot more fun.
  • Play games.  Have your kids count their teeth while brushing and see who can count the fastest. Have you ever played Simon Says? That can be a handy tool when brushing teeth making it fun and see who’s listening.
  • Toothbrushing App.  For the 21st century child making dental care fun has never been easier. There are many different kinds of brushing apps that play music for 2 minutes while they brush their teeth or apps that cheer kids on while they brush.
  • Toothbrushing dance party.  The recommended length of time to brush teeth is 2 minutes. Find a song your kids love and play it each time they brush. Music makes everything fun!

Family dental care is important, and if you’re in need of a family dentist contact Hospital Dental Group today!


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