Dentists In Hartford Hospital

Convenience under one roof!

Have you ever wanted a dentist that could provide more than regular preventative care? Would you be more likely to change dentists on the basis that they can provide other services such as cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, dental implants, or a family dentistry? Or perhaps you’re looking for the convenience of a dentist office with multiple specialties?   If you’ve ever wanted more from your dentist then consider the dentists in Hartford Hospital!

Benefits of a Multi-Specialty Practice with Dentists in Hartford Hospital

Dentists In Hartford HospitalCollaborative Approach

A team of dentists in one location with a variety of specialties can only benefit you. The advantage of a multi-specialty dental office is the level of experience and expertise under one roof. Exceeding the expectations of a patient’s wants and needs. If your dentist needed to refer you for an orthodontic treatment you can be seen in-house. No need to travel across town to see another specialist, they have them right there for your care and convenience.

Perhaps you’re needing orthodontic care, but you need a tooth extraction or you have a crown already in place, each dentist is able to come together, collaborate, and determine the best possible treatment for your case.

Trusting Relationships

In a multi-specialty dental office, you build a trusting relationship with all the dentists in the office. You’re able to see how each dentist interacts with each other and with their patients. If your dentist refers you to an in-house specialist, this gives you the opportunity to interact with both dentists at the same time and better understand that pathway for your treatment.

A Family Affair

The dentists in Hartford Hospital can see the entire family for their dental care needs.  This way you don’t have to drive from dentist office to the next for each person in your family. Going to a family dentist allows the entire family to participate in great oral health. When children see their parents actively participate in their dental health chances are their children will too.

Hartford Hospital

Did we mention Hospital Dental Group was in Hartford hospital?  Health care and dental care all under one roof! Can’t get much more convenient than that now, can it?

If you’re a state employee, we offer more than a multiple specialty dental office, but the convenience of being within walking distance from state offices. We can even get you in and out during your lunch breaks.

If you’re in need of convenience, collaboration, and comprehensive care contact the dentists at Hartford Hospital today at (860)351-7297


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