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How Dental Cleanings Could Save Your Life

Can your oral hygiene routine affect your heart health?

Dental Cleanings In Hartford CTAfter you brush and floss your teeth, you probably look in the mirror and see a healthy smile. Your teeth may look clean and healthy, but what’s below the surface? When you look in the mirror your teeth may be smiling back at you, but what lies beneath your teeth may tell your dentist a much different story about your overall health.

Hartford CT Invisalign dentist

What You Need to Know About Braces from an Invisalign Dentist in Hartford CT

Invisalign is a game-changer for those looking to improve the look of their smile.

One of the greatest boons in dental correction over the past two decades would have to be the creation of Invisalign, the “invisible” aids that do all the work without the display. An Invisalign dentist in Hartford CT can help you overcome the worst of your fears of receiving these braces. Here are some things you might want to know about them as you make your decision.