Teeth Whitening in Hartford CT

Find out how to keep the integrity of your recently whitened teeth.


Freshly-whitened teeth should be treated with caution, due to the sensitivity of the process and the need for at least 24 hours of preemptive care. If you’re going to be receiving teeth whitening in Hartford, CT, you’ll want to be proactive in caring for and protecting your teeth for the following day. Here are a few tips to bear in mind when approaching things like meals, smoking and more.


Tips For Teeth Whitening in Hartford, CT


  • Avoid Staining Drinks, Like Coffee and Tea
    As much as we all love our morning pick-me-ups, drinking substances like coffee and tea are bad for those who recently received teeth whitening in Hartford, CT. Dark beverages have the tendency to discolor teeth during an average day. Adding in the element of professional teeth whitening and you may notice a drastic reduction in brightness. Even by using a straw, a liquid inevitably ends up at the front of the mouth, so don’t even risk it!Teeth Whitening in Hartford CT
  • Avoid Cigarettes
    Cigarettes are bad enough for physical health, but they can also affect the shade and coloring of your Hartford, CT teeth whitening. Smoking cigarettes, specifically, can cause a shading of yellow on your newly brightened teeth, due to the combination of tar and nicotine in the tobacco. Heavier smokers could even see a shade of brown. If you must, a light-to-moderate use of electronic cigarettes hasn’t shown any negative results as of yet.
  • Avoid Colored Toothpaste
    This is often overlooked, but a crucial factor nonetheless – colored toothpaste may stain teeth. Some of the top leading brands offer blue or green tinted toothpastes, to mimic the color of wintergreen or spearmint. These often use a specific type of dye, which can affect the coloring of your teeth. Instead, opt for the white-colored toothpastes, as these are the safest options.
  • Eat Non-Staining Foods
    As far as your diet is concerned, you may experience a temporary change in order to maintain your teeth whitening in Hartford, CT. Just like with beverages, you’ll want to avoid darker, staining foods like beets, tomato sauce, blueberries, and blackberries. Try to stick more to foods like light meats, leafy greens, yogurt, fish, nuts and more healthy foods for your teeth you can find on Colgate’s website.


Teeth whitening can dramatically improve your way of life, whether you’re meeting someone new, getting married, or applying for a new job. Make your smile brighter when you call us at (860)524-5914, and we’ll schedule your first consultation today!


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