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Can your oral hygiene routine affect your heart health?

Dental Cleanings In Hartford CTAfter you brush and floss your teeth, you probably look in the mirror and see a healthy smile. Your teeth may look clean and healthy, but what’s below the surface? When you look in the mirror your teeth may be smiling back at you, but what lies beneath your teeth may tell your dentist a much different story about your overall health.

Brushing and flossing are an essential tool to maintain a healthy smile, but often times people think that’s all that’s needed. Another important ingredient to a healthy smile is regular dental cleanings, but regular dental checkups benefit more than your smile, it also benefits your overall health. Your teeth and gums show visible signs of health issues in your body. In fact, 90% of all systemic diseases show oral signs and symptoms. So what signs and symptoms are discovered by routine dental cleanings in Hartford CT?

Dental Cleanings and Disease

Oral Cancer

This year over 49,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation.  Each day 132 Americans are diagnosed with this disease.  The good news is early detection of oral cancer has an 80%-90% survival rate. Unfortunately, when oral cancer is discovered it’s usually in the late stages which accounts for a 43% death rate at 5 years after diagnosis. The importance of routine teeth cleanings goes far beyond a pretty smile.


As a diabetic, you’re at higher risk of developing periodontal disease because of the bodies inability of fighting off infection. But, having periodontal disease can make it difficult for diabetics to control their sugar. If you’re diabetic it’s extremely important to see your dentist regularly to help prevent periodontal disease and keep your blood sugar under control.

Heart Disease

Some studies have shown a correlation between periodontal disease and heart disease. The link is thought to come from the toxins produced by periodontal disease, and these toxins travel from the gums into the bloodstream causing heart complications. While researchers believe there is a correlation they’re not sure which happens first. Those with heart disease tend to have advanced gum disease, but if your dentist notices periodontal disease this may be a sign you should see your doctor about your heart health.

Preterm Birth

While pregnancy causes a woman’s body to change, pregnancy can also affect the chance of developing gum disease. About 40% of women will develop gingivitis during their pregnancy, and some studies have linked gum disease to preterm birth. The theory is that the toxins from the bacteria will cross the placenta causing developmental issues for the baby, and at the same time triggering early labor.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

It’s time that you knew how important dental cleanings in Hartford, CT are to your whole body health. When you take care of your smile you’re taking care of your body!

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