When it comes to the pros and cons behind Invisalign, the pros simply outweigh the cons every single time. Read more about the Invisalign benefits here!

Braces have come a long way since the introduction of “head gear.” And with the steady rise of products such as Invisalign, it’s no surprise why! These invisible braces have brought an improved way of life to millions of dental patients around the country, and the number keeps on climbing. Take a look at a few of the reasons behind why people have switched from traditional metal braces to plastic braces.

4 Reason Why You Should Switch to Invisalign

  1. Designed for Improved Comfort
    InvisalignWhen it comes to choosing between conventional braces and plastic braces, comfort should be close to the top of the list of priorities. After all, braces have to spend several months at a time working to straighten your teeth. With metal braces, there’s the potential of a broken bracket or wire that may stick out and poke the inside of your lips. Invisalign’s plastic braces are designed to improve the comfort of your mouth lining.
  2. Virtually Invisible
    One of the reasons people dread getting braces is because of how they look. Smiling for pictures can become a little harder when you’re aware of the metal and colored bands inside your mouth. Plastic braces take that fear away altogether! Like the name implies, Invisalign helps to align your teeth without the unsightliness of wearing braces. The clear plastic keeps your smile at the forefront.
  3. Safer than Metal
    The jury is still out on whether or not metal braces can have the potential of causing negative health effects from exposure to food and saliva over a period of time. Invisalign braces don’t have to face this fear, as each pair is made BPA-free and safe for dental use over time. It’s void of harmful toxins, protecting you from potentially getting sick.
  4. Easy to Remove
    With metallic braces, you can expect to keep them on through the entire duration of the realignment process. You can’t take them off and out, meaning you’re absolutely restricted on all things diet-related. Invisalign braces, on the other hand, can be easily removed at a moment’s notice. While you must keep it in as much as possible, you’ll be free to take a break and eat something that you love!

Invisalign is the game-changer that you need for realigning your teeth. Our dentists are trained professionals in the field of orthodontics and are available to assist you in your decision-making process. Please call us today for more information!


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