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dr_ravinWe all know that it’s important to be able to trust our dentist. If you’re going to have someone delving into your mouth, chances are, you’re going to want to have absolute trust in them! And, did you know that according to a Gallup survey, dentists are the 5th most trusted profession with 62% of respondents ranking honesty and ethical standards in the high or very high categories? Trust is a big deal. And we take it seriously. That’s why we are the most trusted Hartford dentist around!

best dentist in Hartford CT

How to Choose the Best Dentist in Hartford, CT

The best dentist in Hartford, CT is within your reach.

Choosing the right dentist can be a bit stressful if you’re not sure where to begin. You can scour Yelp for online reviews, but how can you possibly know which dentist is right for you?  The truth is you really won’t know until you meet or speak with the dentist themselves.  But before you get to that point there are a few ways to narrow down your options when looking for the best dentist in Hartford CT.

tooth pain

Remedies for Tooth Pain Relief

Get temporary relief with these toothache remedies!

When you’re dealing with tooth pain the first knee-jerk response is “go see your dentist”, but seeing your dentist immediately isn’t always an option for some. Even if you’re able to schedule an appointment to see your dentist you’re still in pain and you need temporary relief now!

family dentist

Why Choose A Family Dentist Over A Pediatric Dentist

There are some important differences to note when it comes to a family dentist and a pediatric dentist. See the reasons why you may want to visit a family dentist here!

Every time you take your child to the dentist, you make excellent strides in making sure that they stay healthy. From the foods that we eat to the toothaches that we get, dental professionals know the importance behind regular check-ups for cleanings, cavities and more. However, finding the right one isn’t always easy, as the choice can come down to either a family dentist or a pediatric dentist. Take a look at some of the differences below, and see why general dentistry for your family may be the best option.