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There are some important differences to note when it comes to a family dentist and a pediatric dentist. See the reasons why you may want to visit a family dentist here!

Every time you take your child to the dentist, you make excellent strides in making sure that they stay healthy. From the foods that we eat to the toothaches that we get, dental professionals know the importance behind regular check-ups for cleanings, cavities and more. However, finding the right one isn’t always easy, as the choice can come down to either a family dentist or a pediatric dentist. Take a look at some of the differences below, and see why general dentistry for your family may be the best option.

4 Reasons Why A Family Dentist Can Make The Difference

  1. family dentistPediatric Dentists Only Treat Children
    One of the biggest concerns with scheduling an appointment with a pediatric dentist is their limited clientele. Pediatric dental professionals solely work with child patients, as they studied for an additional 2-3 years and are specifically trained in methods that can only be applied to kids. While the specialization may be a nice added boost, the result can become an inconvenience when a family is trying to schedule multiple appointments at once.
  2. Family Dentistry Focuses On The Whole Family
    Family dentistry, on the other hand, is a more well-rounded service that’s designed for people of all ages. Whether you’re taking your baby after their first tooth has grown, or bringing your adolescent boy after he loses a tooth at the big game, or even accompanying your husband for a root canal, a general dentistry practice has the available resources to help all members of your family.
  3. Child Dental Professionals Work Heavily With Tooth Complications
    There is a great benefit with pediatric dentists in that their extensive knowledge of a child’s mouth can come in hand when dealing with any complications. If your child has dental developmental disabilities such as hypodontia, where a patient has missing teeth after the initial growth, this is where a pediatric specialist may truly shine. That being said, children without as many medical issues will still receive a positive and healthy experience with a general dentist.
  4. A Family Dentist Has Essentially The Same Training
    Despite how child-centered dentists may receive the additional training for handling children during a visit, a general dentist receives all of the other training associated with a family dentist’s requirements. This is especially the case at Hospital Dental Group, where our dentists have worked with people of all ages and backgrounds, and continue to excel at bringing the best services available to the people of Hartford, Connecticut.

We work hard to provide the best services from our dental professionals, for children, adults, and seniors! If you’re looking for more information about our experiences and policies, please call us today at 860-524-5194 for more information.


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