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Dental emergencies can be frightening, and the truth is they can be quite dangerous, and if you don’t act fast, you could sustain permanent damage to your teeth.

hartford hospital dental clinicBut a good emergency dentist can help turn that around.

Don’t lose your head! If you’re affected by a dental emergency in Hartford, there are some things that a Hartford hospital dental clinic can do to help. But not all dental trauma counts as an emergency, and some dental injuries you thought was an emergency may not actually be one. Here is a short list of those things we do consider dental emergencies, as well as instructions for what you should do about each one.

Remember: stay calm and call the Hartford dental emergency services on our 24-hour, 365-day line, and we can help!

Emergencies for the Hartford Hospital Dental Clinic

Here are a few of the situations that we consider dental emergencies. If any of these happen to you or someone you know, stay calm and give us a call. We’ll take it from there.

  • Avulsion: If your tooth has been avulsed (or knocked out), that is definitely an emergency. A missing tooth exposes a system of nerves and gum that can be permanently damaged if the tooth is out for too long, and in some cases will prevent the tooth from ever healing into place again. If your tooth is knocked out, pick it up without touching the root and attempt to place it back in the socket, or hold it in your cheek. Do not let the tooth dry out, and get to Hartford dental emergency services as quickly as you can.
  • Lost Prosthesis: If your filling or crown falls out of your mouth, hold on to it! Fillings can fall out as the result of damage or from decay that changes the shape of the tooth underneath. Call us for an appointment right away. You should also store the crown or filling in a cool, safe place so that we can attempt to reattach it. This is usually possible if the prosthesis hasn’t been damaged, and if the tooth hasn’t changed in shape too much. In these cases, the Hartford hospital dental clinic will need to make a new prosthesis.
  • Cracked or Broken Teeth: If your teeth become cracked on the side or the bottom, it may not even be painful–but if your tooth cracks to the root, the pain can be extreme! Either way, don’t wait to give us a call, especially if there is bleeding. Apply an ice pack to control the swelling and help with pain, then get to our office when you can. We’ll be able to help repair the damage, but our job is much easier when you control the swelling and ensure the crack does not worsen.

If any of these dental emergencies happen to you, remain calm! The expert team at the Hartford hospital dental clinic can help. Give us a call at (860)524-5194 and we’ll take it from there.


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