Hospital Dental Group always does what we can to support the efforts of local nonprofits. This is why we’ve partnered with For The Love of Jack, a charitable effort to help struggling families with pets.

When facing economic hardships as a family, it’s hard to prioritize what costs should take precedent. This is why we at Hospital Dental Group have decided to partner with the nonprofit charity, For The Love of Jack, an organization dedicated to supporting families in need of financial and personal care for their beloved pets.

For The Love of Jack started as a community-based effort to raise the funds and support needed to assist a feral cat, nicknamed Jack. Jack was severely injured when he was found, and the costs were high enough to warrant a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the treatments. What they saw was a fire lit under their town, prompting strangers and neighbors to kick in their share of money and love to help an animal that wasn’t even theirs. They raised so much money that there was still some left over, which prompted the creation of the 501 (c) (3) Non Profit Animal Welfare Organization.

Now, For The Love of Jack works to bring families currently struggling with financial difficulty the resources they need to continue supporting their furry friends. Whether someone is unemployed and looking for a job, or suffering from disability or illness, the nonprofit aims its goals at assisting with veterinary bills, stock of food, and costs for medicine. This helps to free up caretakers in focusing on other important life factors, like the costs of food and rent for themselves. With your help, and the help of others like you, their mission of ensuring a happy and safe environment for all pets can be within reach.

This noble cause is 100% funded through fundraising efforts and charitable donations provided by everyday people, and all of the proceeds go towards the mission of the organization. Hospital Dental Group is committed to this effort as well, which is why we’re donating $25 for every successful dental referral to our office. If you refer a friend or a family member as a new patient, we will donate $25 upon completion of their first visit. When asked about humanitarian efforts, Dr. Anatoliy Ravin and his wife have said “We both know how important it is to receive help when you’re in need. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving back.”

For more information on this charitable referral bonus, or for information on our dental services, contact us at the Hospital Dental Group at (860) 431-0679. We look forward to assisting you, and our furry friends!