Dr. Anatoliy Ravin works hard in the office, at home, and abroad. His recent efforts to bring aid to the country of Haiti is an inspiring story that we wanted to share with you.

Tragedy, in the form of a natural disaster, can strike at any time and in any place. And there are few people in this world who know this better than the people of Haiti, who have suffered through devastating hurricanes and earthquakes with the lack of local relief needed to overcome. This was especially evident last year when Hurricane Matthew touched land and destroyed almost all of their resources, bringing the end to thousands of families and putting even more through harder economic times.

That’s why Hospital Dental Group’s resident humanitarian dentist, Dr. Anatoliy Ravin, wanted to take the time to visit the citizens of Haiti and bring relief through the services that he does best. Dr. Ravin earned his DDS from the New York University of Dentistry in 1999, and since before his career began, he found a passion in trying to help others in any way that he could. From keeping it local by volunteering at nearby shelters and health centers, to traveling abroad with the tools he needs, Dr. Ravin can often be found bringing his smile to the people that need it.

He recently embarked and returned from a trip to Haiti, where he spent some time in a community center in Port-au-Prince. When he visits, the community is given the word ahead of time, so they can plan and anticipate him bringing his professional service pro bono. This community center conducts amazing work in special programs designed for preventive and public health for members of the community. His contributions to both the center and the people who attend include important dental health work for improving teeth function and aesthetics.

“When I visit areas like the ones in Haiti, I’m reminded to appreciate every ounce of what I have here now.” – Dr. Anatoliy Ravin

Dr. Ravin hopes to return to Haiti again as a humanitarian dentist, as well as other areas that have been affected by tragedy and poverty. Having suffered through his own struggles earlier on in life, he recognizes the importance in giving back to those that need it. This is why trips to Haiti, Amazon, and local shelters have become a commonplace for him. If he is able to put any ease on the burdens that impoverished families may feel, he will know that he’s made a difference.

If you’re looking to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ravin today, contact us at the Hospital Dental Group at (860) 431-0679 for more information, and we’d be able to assist you!