Why these grinding teeth symptoms indicate you suffer from Bruxism!

Discover why you might be suffering from Bruxism with these symptoms!

Have you ever woken up in the morning with neck or face pain and thought the pain was from sleeping in an uncomfortable position? Do you have feelings of pressure in your jaw during the day? When you wake up in the morning do you have a headache? If this sounds like something you’ve been experiencing you could be suffering from Bruxism! But if you’re not sure Bruxism is the cause of your discomfort read below and see if these grinding teeth symptoms sound like you!

tooth pain

When Does Tooth Pain Become an Emergency?

Don’t let severe tooth pain go untreated!

At Hospital Dental Group, we take dental emergencies very seriously. In fact, we’re one of the only dental clinics in the state that can treat dental emergencies 24/7. We know that our patients trust us to provide the best emergency care, and our world-class staff makes sure that emergencies are treated promptly and skillfully.

Proper Way to Floss

The Proper Way to Floss Hard-To-Reach Places

How to Properly Floss Those Difficult Teeth For a Better Smile

Hospital Dental Group is a national leader in emergency dental services, but we actually would rather see fewer dental emergencies! Dental emergencies can mean extensive tooth damage, decay, or disease, and none of those are things we want for our patients. But if our patients are careful with their teeth and take good care of them, we’ll see fewer emergencies. One of the keys to protecting your teeth is knowing the proper way to floss.

white teeth

Methods for Getting The White Teeth You Want

Compare and contrast the best methods for white teeth

white teethGetting those white teeth you’ve been dreaming of can seem like it takes a lot of work, or that you need to sink a lot of time into maintenance to keep your teeth dazzling and white. However, we want all of our patients to know that this isn’t the case! You can spend a little time on your teeth every day and have a shiny white smile.