tooth pain

Don’t let severe tooth pain go untreated!

At Hospital Dental Group, we take dental emergencies very seriously. In fact, we’re one of the only dental clinics in the state that can treat dental emergencies 24/7. We know that our patients trust us to provide the best emergency care, and our world-class staff makes sure that emergencies are treated promptly and skillfully.

tooth painBut because dental emergencies are relatively rare for most people, our patients aren’t always sure about what constitutes an emergency. If you’re dealing with tooth pain but the office is closed and you’re thinking about trying to make it through the night and just making an appointment in the morning, that might be a good choice— or it might be a dangerous choice. As experts on dental emergencies, we’re here to educate our patients on what constitutes a dental emergency and when you should call an emergency dentist about tooth pain.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain and think you might be having an emergency, read through the scenarios below and decide if it might be worth making an appointment now instead of waiting for the morning.

When Tooth Pain Becomes a Dental Emergency

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, you might be wondering if your symptoms are symptoms of an emergency or not. Here is a list of scenarios in which tooth pain becomes an emergency:

Missing Tooth: If you’re experiencing tooth pain because your tooth has been knocked out or pulled out for some reason, that is a dental emergency. If a missing tooth is not addressed right away, severe nerve damage can occur, and you may miss your chance to properly have it fixed.

Cracked Tooth: If your tooth is cracked but intact, that is a dental emergency. A cracked tooth might have only mild tooth pain if the crack is not serious, but a serious crack can lead to severe tooth pain, and it will sharply increase if the crack worsens. Patients should be extremely careful and seek dental emergency help.

Chipped Tooth: If your tooth is only a little chipped, or the chip is not painful, it is likely not a dental emergency. But if the missing section of tooth is large or painful, you should schedule an emergency appointment for tooth pain. Nerve and root damage can occur in chipped teeth if the damage is extensive enough, and these conditions make fixing the damage much more difficult.

Damaged Gums: If you have suffered trauma to the face and jaw, you may have damaged gums of roots even if you don’t have any obvious chips or cracks in your teeth. Damaged gums may lead to nerve damage or dead nerves. If you lose feeling in your teeth after trauma to the gums or jaw, you should seek emergency dental help.

These are the most common reasons we see patients in our emergency dental clinic at Hospital Dental Group. If you’re experiencing extreme tooth pain and need to schedule an emergency appointment, get in touch right now here.