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Orthodontics Has Come Far Since Egyptian Mummies…Travel Further With Us

Did you know that archeologists have found evidence of orthodontic appliances on teeth of Egyptian mummies? While modern orthodontic treatment did not begin in earnest until the late 19th century with the “father of modern orthodontics” Edward Hartley Angle, orthodontics is as old as crooked teeth.

Fortunately, we have come a long way in crooked teeth repair since the primitive instruments and technology of ancient times. Many people, however, fail to realize quite how far orthodontics has come.

Orthodontics Is More Than Just Traditional Braces

crooked teeth repairWhen most people hear that a child (or an adult) is planning to correct crooked teeth, they automatically imagine traditional braces.

However, even in the past fifteen years, orthodontics has progressed dramatically, with technology and techniques introduced to make straightening teeth quicker and more convenient than metal braces.

What Should I Do? Advice on Choosing the Best Crooked Teeth Repair for You

Whether you are considering the Six Month Smile plan or traditional braces, determining an orthodontic solution for you or your child is slightly more complicated now that there are more choices!

It is a good thing you don’t have to decide this alone. Your orthodontist is trained and eager to help you make the best decision for your teeth. But, before you schedule your appointment, we wanted to give some advice that will inform your conversation.

You Should Choose Six Month Smile If…

  • You want an option that will move teeth quickly
  • You only need minor improvements to the alignment of your smile
  • You want a less noticeable option that is more reliable than other methods (like aligners)
  • You have a busy schedule and need quicker and more comfortable appointments

You Should Choose Traditional Braces If…

  • You want the most affordable crooked teeth repair option
  • You want an option with the most proven reputation for success
  • You don’t mind a long treatment process
  • You have more major improvements, especially crossbite, overbite, or overjet

Every set of teeth is unique and your specific situation might include options from both the categories we just listed. That’s why it is so important to schedule an appointment with your orthodontist and keep an open mind while discussing orthodontic solutions with him or her.

As you continue to consider crooked teeth repair, make sure you consider visiting an orthodontist in Hartford, Connecticut. At Hospital Dental Group we provide orthodontic treatment to improve your smile and your overall oral health. Please call today (860) 607-0128.