Hospital Dental Group’s own Dr. Anatoliy Ravin recently completed a humanitarian dental missions trip to Peru. Read all about his inspiring efforts to bring aid to the poor here.

Hospital Dental Group’s own Dr. Anatoliy Ravin is no stranger to the world of humanitarian dental missions. He has brought his extensive knowledge and skills to the natives of the Amazon, made a difference in the lives of Haitians, and performed important dental work for the impoverished citizens of Jamaica. His dream of providing substantial dental care continued when he visited the kind and compassionate people of Peru.

Like most of the places that Dr. Ravin has visited, Peru is no stranger to the conditions caused by poverty and war. In the mid-90s, they faced turmoil through the continuing conflict with Ecuador, in addition to handling multiple human rights violations brought by their own government. The Peruvian people did not have it easy during those times. However, since then, the country has started to make strides in improving conditions for its people, through improving its government and economy, but there is still a struggle with aiding their people.

This is what makes humanitarian dental missions trips so important for their country – as they continue to improve on their infrastructure, the people welcome the outside help from individuals like Dr. Ravin for general health and medical assistance. Dental health can have a long-lasting impact on a person’s overall state of being, from the types of foods that pass through the teeth, to the build-up of bacterias that need to be cleaned. Knowing that his work can leave a lasting impact, Dr. Ravin is always excited to pack his bags for countries like these.

And the people were ecstatic to see him, too! He fondly remembers his visit with recounting stories of how, after he would complete his day’s work, he would join the children outside for a quick game of football with plenty of laughs. These memories made it even harder for Dr. Ravin to say goodbye, because as much as both he and the people of Peru wanted him to stay, he must continue his work at home. But Dr. Ravin does not discount the possibility of returning to the great city of Lima, and its neighboring towns, for more humanitarian dental missions work (and play).

Dr. Anatoliy Ravin’s goal is to make all of his patients, whether from America’s east coast or the coasts of an island nation, both healthy and happy with his well-trained dental services. If you’re looking to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ravin today, contact us at the Hospital Dental Group at (860) 431-0679 for more information, and we’d be able to assist you!