Many dental patients are curious about Invisalign vs braces. Whether you’ve been considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or for your teen, Invisalign has and continues to often be the preferred choice for achieving that perfect smile. Why? We’re glad you asked! We have your “in” to the outstanding, modern, innovative way to straighten teeth without having to hide your heavy metal.

Invisalign vs Braces—It’s a Clear One-Sided Battle with an Obvious Winner!

Heavy metal may be cool for some people (depending on what generation you derive from,) but it’s likely unanimously agreed upon by all ages, that when it comes to heavy metal on your teeth, it doesn’t exactly elicit a feeling of “coolness.”

Looks aside, however, one of the concerns expressed by many, is the effectiveness in treatment when it comes to Invisalign vs braces. Is one better than the other? No—both treatments can straighten teeth. Now that we’ve answered that question, let’s explore other common queries when it comes to Invisalign vs braces:

Q: One of the main benefits of Invisalign is that it’s hardly visible, are there other benefits?

Yes! You can eat and drink normally, don’t have to contend with broken wires and loose brackets, and since your series of clear aligners are customized specifically for you by Invisalign, you don’t have to visit the dentist for adjustments.

Q: Is one option better when it comes to oral hygiene?

Yes! Although Invisalign clear aligners should be worn 20 to 22 hours a day, they can be removed to allow you to brush and floss as normal. Traditional braces have been shown to disrupt healthy oral hygiene.

Q: Is there a cost differentiation between Invisalign vs braces?

The cost of Invisalign vs traditional braces can be comparable. Pricing can range between $3,000 and $8,000 depending on the provider. The best way to find out for sure is to have a consultation with your dentist.

How Does Invisalign Work?

At Hospital Dental Group, Dr. Ravin will begin with a full examination of your teeth and mouth. Once it’s been determined that you’re going to move forward with Invisalign orthodontic treatment, Dr. Ravin will help define a plan, take X-rays, pictures, and impressions to create a 3-D image of your mouth. From the images and treatment plan, Invisalign will create a series of custom-made, clear aligners.

Your new clear aligners are smooth, comfortable, and made of BPA-free plastic and won’t irritate your cheeks or gums like traditional braces.

Wear these custom aligners every day for two weeks, except when eating, brushing, and flossing and your teeth will begin to gradually shift into place. Since they’re practically invisible, no one will even notice you have them on!

At the end of the second week, you will begin wearing a new aligner to continue to the movement of your teeth. This allows the process to continue in one fluid motion. You should have a check-up with your doctor every six to eight weeks to check on the progress. At every stage, you’ll be able to see how far your teeth have come and how great your smile is looking!

If you’d like to learn more about Invisalign vs braces or any other services we offer at Hospital Dental Group, contact us anytime, 860-524-5194.