Back to School Checklist

New backpack—check. School supplies—check. Back to school dentist appointment? If this isn’t checked off your list yet, not to worry. Although it’s a great idea to try to have your child get in for a dentist appointment before the start of another school year, our Hospital Dental Group team has other tips to help you and your child get ready for optimal dental hygiene with our ultimate back to school checklist.


Must-Haves for Your Child’s Dental Back to School Checklist

It’s difficult to find a parent who won’t fess up to letting his/her child(ren) slack at least a little bit over the summer. Even the most structured households typically relax the rules when school isn’t in session. To help get everyone back on track for dental-health success, take a look at seven helpful back-to-school steps: Back to School Checklist

  1. Back to Normal Bedtime Hours
  2. Many caregivers agree that getting school bedtime hours back on track can be a bear. Try reinstating the set school sleeping schedule a couple of weeks before school starts. This will help ease your children back into school-appropriate bedtimes and avoid a shock to their systems. Brushing 30 minutes before bed is a useful technique for helping kids of all ages to wind down.
  1. Back to Brushing Basics
  2. Similar to the slacking that can occur with bedtimes, summer can also cause an increased skip in nighttime brushing. According to the ADA, brushing twice a day is best (with fluoride toothpaste whenever possible)! 
  1. Add a Fluoride Toothpaste to Your BTSC
  2. Speaking of fluoride toothpaste, did you know that according to the ADA, a study revealed that individuals who used a fluoride toothpaste upped their cavity prevention from 16% per tooth to 31%? Be sure to add an ADA Seal of Acceptance fluoride toothpaste to your shopping back to school checklist.
  1. Travel Toothpaste Pack
  2. Just thinking about the rush from sports practices to extracurricular activities can make parents feel exhausted. To ensure teeth stay healthy, keep a travel kit complete with fluoride toothpaste, a soft-bristled toothbrush and interdental cleaners. For kids who attend events before or after school, having a mobile oral hygiene kit is extremely helpful.
  1. Get in Between Teeth
  2. In between academics, activities and everything else that comes with a busy school season, it’s important to make sure teeth are free from debris. Since a toothbrush can’t get everything, it’s helpful to have interdental cleaners on-hand—whether they’re brushes or floss sticks.
  1. Guard Against Injury
  2. The fall season brings along more than just the beginning of classes. Many sports kick off (literally) during the autumn season. Making sure that your sports enthusiast has a mouthguard prior to the start of school is added assurance that his/her teeth will remain protected from injury.
  1. Dr. Anatoliy Ravin on Speed Dial
  2. Even with the best safety precautions intact, accidents can happen. Keep HDG on you and your child’s list of favorites, just in case!


Let Us Help You Get Ready for School!

We may not be able to help them with their algebra or calculus, but we can offer tips to maximize their dental-success back to school checklist. If you’d like to know more about how you can prep your child for back to school dental routines or would like to set up an appointment, contact us now at 860-524-5194.