Dental Care for Kids

Parents and caregivers are like walking “10-Best Almanacs.” We know a little about a lot of things—or sometimes the other way around. With all that’s crammed into the daily lives of parents, it’s hard enough to remember the names of our children and pets (and not to get the two confused). How can busy, inundated parents be expected to remember all the essentials in optimum dental care for kids? In the spirit of helping the overwhelmed parent, our Hospital Dental Group (HDG) almanacs (AKA team members) are here to help with ten top dental care tips for kids.


Fast and Furious Facts on Dental Care for Kids

If you’re a parent, you likely don’t have time to read an almanac. Instead, Dr. Anatoliy Ravin and the rest of the Hospital Dental Group team offer you the following fast facts on dental care for kids

  1. Toothpaste
  2. This should be easy to remember: rice-size amount of toothpaste for a toddler to age six, and a pea-size amount of toothpaste for ages six and up.
  1. Toothbrush
  2. Make sure your child has a soft-bristled toothbrush that fits his/her size mouth. Swap for a new toothbrush every three to four months.
  1. Technique
  2. Have your child brush for two minutes per session, softly in small circles (not side to side).
  1. Timing
  2. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) suggests brushing twice a day for best oral hygiene health.
  1. Flossing
  2. It’s important to teach your child how to clean the debris in between teeth. In addition to traditional floss, there are other types of over the counter (OTC) interdental brushes and cleaners you can purchase.
  1. Visits
  2. It’s never too early to help your child become accustomed to visiting the dentist. For this reason, the AAPD suggests your child see the dentist by his/her first birthday or when the first tooth comes in. This will also help ensure that they learn and utilize best dental and oral hygiene habits. After that, unless Dr. Ravin specifies otherwise, dental visits will take place once every six months.
  1. Fluoride
  2. Both the American Dental Association (ADA) and AAPD suggest that children receive fluoride, including 0.7 milligrams of fluoride per liter of water. It’s important to make sure that your child uses a toothpaste containing fluoride. Dr. Ravin will apply a fluoride varnish on the teeth during routine visits to help add protection from cavities and tooth decay.
  1. X-Rays
  2. Many parents express concerns about the safety of dental X-Rays. At HDG, we take every precaution when taking X-Rays to ensure the safety and well-being of your child. Children do not receive X-Rays until they are six years old.
  1. Emergencies
  2. Hopefully, our patients won’t experience an emergency, but in the event of an injury, trauma or painful dental situation, we are here to help. Our HDG patients can call us any day of the week at any time for emergency care.
  3. Mouthguards
  4. As children grow and become involved in sports and extracurricular activities, a mouthguard is essential to keeping teeth protected. At HDG, we create customized mouthguards to keep your child’s mouth safe and comfortable.

Expert Dental Care for Kids

Keeping up on all there is to know when it comes to dental care for kids can feel like an arduous endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be! The professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff at HDG are here whenever you have a question or concern to share.

If you’d like more tips on dental care for your child or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us any time at 860-524-5194.