Dental patients are usually comfortable asking the dentist about why they grind their teeth, or why chewy food makes their teeth hurt on occasion. What about when it comes to questions that they may feel less comfortable asking? Not everyone feels confident asking, “Why do I have bad breath?” or “Why is my mouth so dry?” At Hospital Dental Group (HDG), there’s nothing our patients should ever feel embarrassed asking. In fact, there are many conditions of the mouth that dentists like our very own Dr. Anatoliy Ravin are accustomed to regularly addressing and treating.  

Why Is My Mouth So Dry? (and Other Questions Answered)

As the saying goes, “You don’t know, what you don’t know.” At Hospital Dental Group, we’d much rather our patients ask questions regarding their dental and overall health than remain silent. Often, if intercepted early, a dental health issue can be remedied swiftly. Even if a more serious condition is diagnosed, there is generally a solution that if caught quickly, can be successfully treated.

Take a look at three common questions that many patients are curious to know: 

  • Why Is My Mouth So Dry?
    Dry mouth is caused by a reduction or lack of saliva leading to bad breath, difficulty chewing and eating, and other problems. How dry mouth occurs varies, but the condition is typically a result of gum disease, aging, tobacco or drug use. To help remedy dry mouth, Dr. Ravin may suggest changing medications, prescribing a medication to counter dry mouth, or utilizing a special mouth rinse or mouthwash.
  • What Causes Mouth Sores?
    Mouth sores can be as innocuous as a fleeting virus, or an indication of something more serious such as mouth cancer. For this reason, it’s important to keep a close eye on the look and feel of mouth sores, in addition to any added health symptoms. Something like a canker sore, although unpleasant, will usually go away on its own after a couple of weeks. White or red patches in the mouth that do not heal and/or spread may indicate mouth cancer. When in doubt always ask your dentist or doctor to check it out.
  • Is There Such Thing as Chronic Bad Breath?
    Chronic bad breath is a condition referred to as halitosis. The most common cause of halitosis is the prevalence of gum disease, poor oral hygiene, and tobacco use. Other reasons may include dry mouth, medication, drugs, or health condition. To help assuage the symptoms of bad breath, Dr. Ravin may suggest ways to improve oral hygiene, prescribe an antibacterial mouth rinse, and increasing water intake.

More Questions? We Can Provide More Answers!

Not everyone knows that dentists are instrumental in addressing issues beyond the health of the teeth and gums. Dentists can help identify the presence and cause of sleeping disorders, screen for mouth cancer, and more.

In addition to providing patients with full dental cleanings and exams, Dr. Ravin and the entire HDG team are here to help answer any questions you may have.

To learn more about common problems affecting the teeth, gums, and mouth or to schedule an appointment contact us any time at 860-264-4033.