Home oral hygiene care goes a long way in helping to keep teeth and gums healthy and strong, but are there other measures to help boost optimum dental health? Yes! Consider the following guide your dental health cheat sheet for the best dental-health success. And, you don’t have to hide this cheat sheet from your teachers!

Seven Strategies to Add to Your Dental Health Cheat Sheet

Thorough, routine oral hygiene habits are a must-have for your dental health cheat sheet, but what else primes dental patients for best dental health? At Hospital Dental Group (HDG), we look at dentistry holistically—making sure we have every aspect of your dental health covered. Take a look at seven strategies to implement to ensure your pearly whites weather the test of time, toil, and treats.

  1. Bring In Fluoride Reinforcements
    The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that individuals ages six-years-old and up use toothpaste and mouth rinses containing 0.5% fluoride for best protection against cavities and tooth decay.
  2. Limit Sugary Food Sources
    A sweet treat is okay to indulge in every once in a while, but because sugar leaves a film of bacteria on the teeth that produces harmful enamel-eating acid, it’s best to keep sugary foods to a minimum.
  3. Pick The Right Tools
    If traditional floss isn’t your jam, go with an interdental cleaning floss, stick, or brush. Cleaning between the teeth clears debris that can lead to tooth decay. It’s important to pick a tool you’re comfortable with and know you’ll utilize regularly.
  4. Pass Up Piercings
    Although they’re trendy at times, oral piercings can lead to infection, cause nerve damage, and even produce too much saliva. If possible, find another, safer form of self-expression.
  5. Drink More Water
    Water is a natural mouth rinse after a meal and prevents dry mouth that can cause bad breath. And, H20 that contains fluoride adds a boost of protection to the teeth and gums.
  6. Clean Your Brush Naturally
    Believe it or not, air is one of the best ways to ensure your toothbrush remains free of “yuck.” Although it may seem intuitive to keep a toothbrush covered, doing so can actually create a breeding ground for bacteria. After a brushing session, keep individual toothbrushes separated where they can air dry.
  7. Keep Six Month Checkups
    Do you really have to visit the dentist every six months? To maintain optimum dental health, yes. Not only do regular cleanings provide the protection needed to ensure the best oral health, visiting your dentist on a routine basis also increases the opportunity to catch and address any potential issues early.

More Ways to Up Your Dental Health and Wellness

At Hospital Dental Group, we’re always happy to provide tips on best dental health practices. Dr. Anatoliy Ravin will personally help you add strategies to your dental health cheat sheet!

If you’d like more information on how to improve your dental health or would like to schedule an appointment with us, contact us anytime at 860-264-4033.