Your Dental Health Cheat Sheet

Home oral hygiene care goes a long way in helping to keep teeth and gums healthy and strong, but are there other measures to help boost optimum dental health? Yes! Consider the following guide your dental health cheat sheet for the best dental-health success. And, you don’t have to hide this cheat sheet from your teachers!

Dental Care for Kids

10 Fast Facts on Dental Care for Kids

Parents and caregivers are like walking “10-Best Almanacs.” We know a little about a lot of things—or sometimes the other way around. With all that’s crammed into the daily lives of parents, it’s hard enough to remember the names of our children and pets (and not to get the two confused). How can busy, inundated parents be expected to remember all the essentials in optimum dental care for kids? In the spirit of helping the overwhelmed parent, our Hospital Dental Group (HDG) almanacs (AKA team members) are here to help with ten top dental care tips for kids.

Back to School Lunches

Five Foolproof Back to School Lunches Kids Are Sure to Love

Sometimes packing a school lunch can feel as challenging as trying to solve a complicated math equation. What, plus what, will result in a lunch your child will actually eat (and enjoy)? Add the criteria of “healthy” to the school lunch algorithm and you have an even more perplexing dilemma. Have no fear! When it comes to back to school lunches that are good for your child’s teeth—as well as healthy and fun—Dr. Anatoliy Ravin and the Hospital Dental Group team have your problem solved!

Back to School Checklist

Seven Dental Tips to Add to Your Child’s Back to School Checklist

New backpack—check. School supplies—check. Back to school dentist appointment? If this isn’t checked off your list yet, not to worry. Although it’s a great idea to try to have your child get in for a dentist appointment before the start of another school year, our Hospital Dental Group team has other tips to help you and your child get ready for optimal dental hygiene with our ultimate back to school checklist.

Dental Tips for Kids

Five Fun and Engaging Dental Tips for Kids and Parents

Children constantly seek attention, direction and approval from their parents and caregivers. When it comes to dental tips for kids, you can help provide all three. To keep children interested and engaged in best oral hygiene practices, one of the best things you can do is become actively involved. There are several things you can do as a parent to help promote healthy dental habits for children (with minimal effort) that will lead them to achieving healthy, long-lasting smiles.

Implant Dentistry

Your Complete Guide to Successful Implant Dentistry

Did you know that, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, 15 million Americans have crown and bridge replacements for missing teeth and 3 million Americans have dental implants? With more innovative implant dentistry techniques than ever before and top-quality product options, many individuals who have lost a tooth or teeth are seeking dental implants. Learn which type of dental implants may be the best option for you and how to best care for them to achieve lasting results.

Teeth Whitening in Hartford CT

Three DIY Ways to Extend the Life of Teeth Whitening

Extend Professional Teeth Whitening with These Three DIY Methods

One question we’re asked quite often by recipients of our teeth whitening services is how to extend the results. As part of our services we offer both at-home teeth whitening trays and strips, but once an initial professional teeth whitening session has taken place, it’s not uncommon for our patients to prolong the beautiful results with their own DIY practices. We’re happy to report that there are indeed actions you can take from the comfort of your very own home to keep those shiny, white teeth gleaming.

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