white teeth

Methods for Getting The White Teeth You Want

Compare and contrast the best methods for white teeth

white teethGetting those white teeth you’ve been dreaming of can seem like it takes a lot of work, or that you need to sink a lot of time into maintenance to keep your teeth dazzling and white. However, we want all of our patients to know that this isn’t the case! You can spend a little time on your teeth every day and have a shiny white smile.


5 Signs You May End Up Needing Dentures

Don’t ignore these signs if you want to avoid dentures!

DenturesYou might think that you’ll never need dentures, but you’d be surprised by the number of Americans who require their use. The American College of Prosthodontists reveals some shocking numbers when it comes to dentures and missing teeth. According to the ACP, 36 million Americans are missing all of their teeth while another 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Out of the 36 million 23 million are missing their entire set of teeth while 13 million are missing their teeth in one arch. Of all those suffering from edentulism, 90% use dentures, and 15% have dentures made every year.

chipped tooth pain

How to Relieve Fractured or Chipped Tooth Pain At Home

Relieve your tooth pain immediately!

chipped tooth painOur teeth have a purpose and that purpose is to eat. Or to break down our food to aid in digestion, but we’ve discovered that our teeth are really a multi-purpose tool, right? Have you ever used your teeth to open a bag of chips? Don’t have scissors on hand to remove that pesky clothing tag – why not use your teeth?  Are you trying to tie a knot, but you’re by yourself? Why not use your teeth to help tie that knot? Our teeth can come in handy in a pinch. But, what happens when using our teeth as a multi-purpose tool can result in chipped tooth pain?

signs of wisdom teeth

Five Signs That Your Wisdom Teeth Are Making An Appearance

Finding out the 5 signs of wisdom teeth may be all the wisdom you need

Have you ever wondered why wisdom teeth, which are really just the upper and lower third molars, are called “wisdom” teeth? It’s because they usually come in between the ages of 17-21 when a person is considered old enough to have gained some wisdom. The thing is, we don’t seem to be very wise at that age. Especially in all things love and war. And when it comes to knowing the signs of wisdom teeth. We can’t help you with love and war, but we can help you understand the warning signs of wisdom teeth.


The Trustworthy Hartford Dentist You Can Depend On

Are you looking for a Hartford Dentist? Hospital Dental Group is the perfect fit!

dr_ravinWe all know that it’s important to be able to trust our dentist. If you’re going to have someone delving into your mouth, chances are, you’re going to want to have absolute trust in them! And, did you know that according to a Gallup survey, dentists are the 5th most trusted profession with 62% of respondents ranking honesty and ethical standards in the high or very high categories? Trust is a big deal. And we take it seriously. That’s why we are the most trusted Hartford dentist around!

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