Finding Your Smile with the Perfect Orthodontist

It’s never easy to find a new orthodontist. Keep in mind some of these important tips and factors in your decision-making process.

Starting a clean slate with a new orthodontist can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve taken the time to build a rapport with your current one. But it’s important to find for yourself (and your teeth) the perfect professional that fits all of your individual requirements. Here are some things to keep in mind as you narrow down your choices of orthodontic offices in your area.

Best Family Dentist

Teaching the Entire Family About Dental Health

Spice up your dental care routine with some music!

Your smile is more than just a first impression. Our teeth play an important role in our digestion, our speech, and our overall health. When our smile has been neglected it can have adverse reactions in other areas of our body.  Teaching the value of proper oral health to young children helps them develop healthy dental care habits early on. Parents play an essential role in their kid’s dental health journey, and as a family dentist, we are honored to be a part of that journey. Not only can we able to teach young children about the importance of keeping their smile healthy, but we get to partner with parents in their oral health journey as well.

Hartford Connecticut

The Top Dentists of Hartford, CT Are Ready to See You Now

The dentists at Hospital Dental Group are among the best of the best. Learn more about them here!

At Hospital Dental Group, our goal is to bring you the best dentists in Hartford, Connecticut. That’s why our three resident dentists work so well together – their experiences, skillset, and passion for their profession take the practice to the next level. But if you’re looking for goofy, contagious personalities, look no further than dentist Dr. Antoliy Ravin! Here are some fun things to know about Dr. Ravin, both inside and outside of his practice.

Saving Time With A Family Dentist

Why Family Dentists Are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Don’t let your busy schedule affect your dental health!

The average American family seems to be busy all the time. With both parents working, coordinating schedules seems to be the only way to get the kids and parents across town to the right destination during the week. From basketball practice, soccer practice, dentist appointments, dance class, doctors appointments, and everything in between, wouldn’t it be nice to have the family arrive at an appointment together, instead of in 2 different locations?

Trick or Treat: Top 6 Ways to Avoid Cavities This Halloween!

Halloween is back with its spooks and frights! With Halloween’s return comes Mounds of candies.

Sugary, chocolatey, sweet, sticky candy. While you’re stocking your house to the brim with candy to give away to the neighborhood kids, your kids are dreaming of ways to stuff as much candy in their mouths as possible.

5 Food You Dentist Wants you to Keep Eating

We’ve heard throughout our lives which food we need to stay away from. “Don’t eat candy” you may have heard, or “Coffee stains your teeth” or “Don’t eat that entire cake.” With all this negativity about food and teeth, you might be relieved to know that there are plenty of foods out there that are good for your teeth. In fact, you might already be consuming some of them on a daily basis! Your dentist will love you if you partake in these five foods on a regular basis!

Oil Pulling – Does it work?

Magic Bullet


something that cures or remedies without causing harmful side effects:
So far there is no magic bullet for economic woes.

3 Reasons Summer is the Best Time for Kids to Get Braces

Kids needing braces is nothing new.

Parents are never really surprised when they hear that their kids need braces, but the biggest problems aren’t always the need or the finances, it’s the scheduling. Getting their children in for the screenings, follow-ups, application appointments, and so on can be a significant pain. Not to mention the adjustment period a kid has to go through. So how is anyone expected to get this done?!

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