How to Survive Braces – 4 Must-Read Tips!

Teenagers, this one is for you.

Did you know that 50% – 70% of all American kids age 16-18 will wear braces? That’ means that over half of your friends will have crooked, overlapping, over spaced, or crowded teeth that need to be fixed. You’re not alone! So how do they seem to get along with their braces so well when you can’t help but feeling that irritating metal in your mouth all day, pulling and pulling? It’s not as hard as it sounds!

chocking teen trend: DIY braces

You Won’t Believe This New Trend That’s Ruining Teen’s Teeth

A bizarre new online trend has begun rising that’s giving parents a reason to be wary; DIY braces. When you say it out loud you probably think “How could that ever go right?”. The answer is a little complicated, because the most notable example of this practice was, in fact, a success. This success is what lent the trends newfound popularity (despite the video originating in 2012) but it’s causing more headaches than solutions to crooked teeth.